DIY Tiered Tassel Earrings

diy tiered tassel earrings

When I first laid eyes on these tassel earrings on Instagram, I had to have them. I finally tracked the earrings down only to be disappointed by the hefty price tag. I don’t mind splurging when it comes to good pieces, but jewelry trends have proven to be short-lived for me in the past. So why spend so much on something I may only wear a few times? Then I thought, duh. I’ll just make a pair! After finding this amazing tutorial online, I went for it and made my own DIY tassel tiered earrings. I’ve now made four pairs and I’m obsessed with every color! #cantstopwontstop

This DIY tutorial is so incredibly easy and although the first one takes a bit of time, you’ll fly through once you get the hang of it. It’s also worth the effort when the whole project costs less than $10 versus the designer version for $100. I’ve already made four pairs for less than 1/10th of the designer pair! But enough about math… let’s get to the tutorial!

Embroidery thread (9 bundles total in the color of your choice)

Fabric (or very sharp) scissors

Yarn Darner

Earring Hooks

diy tiered tassel earrings

Let’s do this! 👊🏼

diy tiered tassel earrings

No. 1 – Take one of the embroidery thread bundles and cut 16 12-inch pieces (two strings will be used for each tassel).

No. 2 – Lay one of the 12-inch pieces of embroidery thread on a flat surface. Take a new thread bundle (don’t unravel!)and fold in half. Place the folded bundle over the string so that the string is directly in the center. Tie a knot (as shown in the image above), flip it over and knot it, then knot again to lock it in place.

No. 3 – Keeping the long pieces of string out of the way, take your scissors and cut through the loops on both ends.

diy tiered tassel earrings

No. 4 – Lay another one of the 12-inch pieces of embroidery thread on a flat surface. Take both ends of the tassel and fold the bundle in half over the string. Lay the folded tassel 1/3 of the way towards the top over the center of the string (as shown in the image above). Tie a knot with the string, then flip everything over and tie another knot to tighten it, then knot it again to lock it in place.

No. 5 – Take the darner needle and thread the two pieces of string you just tied through the needle. Push the needle through the side of the tassel so that it cuts through the middle and pull the string through (see image above).

diy tiered tassel earrings

No. 6 – Trim the bottom of the tassel to make the fringe even and cut the string you just pulled through with the needle.

No. 7 – Repeat Steps 2-6 until you’ve made four tassels (they should look like the image above).

No. 8 – Line up all four tassels in a row and decide on the order you’d like them to be in. (Pro tip: I put the longest/fluffiest one at the bottom).

diy tiered tassel earrings

No. 9 – Decide which tassel you want on the bottom, then take the darner needle and thread only one of the long strings and push through the center of the tassel (shown above).

No. 10 – On the other three tassels, thread both strings and push them through the center of each tassel using the darner needle (as shown in the image on the right).

diy tiered tassel earrings

No. 11 – Take the string coming out of the top of the bottom tassel and thread it through the darner needle. Push the needle all the way through the center of the next tassel and pull it tightly to connect them. Continue pushing the needle through all three tassels, pulling tightly on each one to ensure they are properly connected.

No. 12 – Rethread the string in the darner needle and pull the string taut to tightly connect all four tassels (this can easily loosen). Thread the string through the wrapped embroidery thread on the top tassel and back through again to its original spot so that the tassels are still hanging from it (this locks everything in place).

diy tiered tassel earrings

No. 13 – Take one of the earring hooks and thread the top string through the hook (there will be a small hole to thread it through). Tie a knot around the hook to keep it in place. You can also loop the bottom of the hook through the string on the top of the tassel to secure it. Wrap the string around the hook a second time and tie a knot. Then thread the string in the darner needle and push it through the side of the tassel (or wherever it can easily be concealed). Pull the needle through the middle of the tassel.

No. 14 – Trim the thread you just pulled through along with the rest of the remaining long strings on each tassel. I save this for last in case the tassels come loose. It provides material to fix if any issues arise (trust me – it happened a few times 🙈).

diy tiered tassel earrings

And there you have it! Easy, right? Ok, so there are quite a few steps. But I promise it’s much easier than it looks. I’ve already made a pair in black, red, and cream! Let me know if you try this on your own. I’d love to see them! Make sure to tag me in your photos on Instagram so I can see your own DIY tiered tassel earrings!

Beauty Videos

Easy 5-Minute Makeup For Spring

5-minute makeup for spring

I finally got another video up! I wanted to share this quick and easy 5-minute makeup routine for spring that I’ve been sticking with. Thanks to Glossier, I’ve been loving the “natural” makeup look and have been steering away from heavy foundations, instead opting for a fresh and young look. I’ve always loved minimal makeup for spring, but this year I’ve really scaled down the number of products I use daily. This has allowed me to focus more on skincare and I have to admit, my skin has never looked better. I can thank these products for my natural glow. 😉

Speaking of glow, there are two products that have really changed the natural glow game. After reading hundreds of amazing reviews on this cream luminizer, I knew I had to try it. And it was love at first swipe! ❤️ It leaves a gorgeous dewy sheen on the face, especially when the light hits it. It’s a little more of a subtle glow and definitely looks more natural on the skin. But it truly makes my whole face light up. I then apply this Glow Booster to the high points on my cheeks for a quick glow. I also started using the Glossier Haloscope in Quartz and it has quickly become a fave as well. I especially love it when combined with the RMS luminizer for the ultimate natural glow!

I also wanted to share how I apply the new Glossier Cloud Paint. To say I love this product would be a serious understatement. It has truly changed my entire makeup routine. Natural is the new fleek. I think that’s what the kids say nowadays lol. 😂 I’ve been applying the shade Dusk to the apples and contour of my cheeks for a sheer, sun-kissed look. When applied over these sun drops, it creates a perfect subtle tan for the face.

So there you have it – the easiest 5-minute makeup routine ever. Perfect for when you’re running late to work or want a natural look for the weekend. Watch the video below to see the full routine!


Band Tees and Leather Minis

Photos by Beckley & Co.

NTD Band Tee  •  H&M Skirt (similar here + here)  •  RAY-BAN Sunglasses  •  ZARA Booties (loving these for spring)

Sure, I like to try different styles and trends. But when it really comes down to it, I’m a bands tee kinda girl. But I can’t always wear band tees and denim cut-offs. So I like to mix them with other trends like this leather mini. Easy, casual but still has a bit of edge to it.

Here are some of my favorite band tees you can shop. Swipe through to see all my top picks below!

I’m not kidding when I say I practically live in band tees. I have more in my closet than I’d like to admit and they’re always on heavy rotation. The more worn in, the better. 😉 I also love them for travel. I’ll usually throw a few of my favorites in my suitcase. I took this and this with me to my trip to California this past weekend to wear with these cut-offs and my new favorite pair of jeans. I threw on these sandals for an easy, casual look and wore these rose-hued Céline shades for a subtle pop of color.

I’m finally getting back into the swing of things after being out of town since last week. Being in California is always such a great feeling; the feeling of being home. Steven and I drove from LA to central California (about 40 miles south of San Francisco), back to LA, to Orange County, to San Diego then back to LA. Talk about a whirlwind of a trip! We were literally all over California to see family and friends and to take care of a few things. I can count the number of times I’ve been to central California on one hand, but I’m always amazed at how pretty it is out there! Rolling green hills, flowers covering hillsides. It was the most scenic road trip we’ve ever taken. But now, back to the grind.

And I promise I’ll get the tiered tassel DIY post up this week!! I said it was going up last week and failed all of you. So much to do, so little time. Be on the lookout for that soon!


Spring Classics

spring classics spring classics spring classics gucci princetown mules spring classics red stripe shirt spring classics red stripe shirt spring classics Gucci Princetown mules spring classics red stripe shirt Photos by Beckley & Co.

J.CREW T-Shirt   OLD NAVY Jeans (also similar here)  •  GUCCI Mules  •  FOREVER 21 Belt  •  NORDSTROM Earrings  •  FREE PEOPLE Ring

These days, I’m all about keeping it simple. Clean, classic with a bit of edge or fun elements added. And is there anything more classic than a simple striped t-shirt? This red striped shirt and cropped flare jeans are spring classics. Add a pair of backless loafers and a pair of gold statement earrings and your effortlessly, chic look is complete. Fuss-free, clean and simple. So much easier that way, right? Clearly I’m ecstatic that bundling up is no longer an issue. No more having layer and wear bulky clothing. And it doesn’t even get that cold here! Clearly I don’t do well in the cold, winter weather. 😜

Speaking of gold statement earrings, I can’t get enough of these hoop earrings. I love the geometric take on a classic style. It adds the perfect edge without overdoing it. I’ve also had my eyes on these and these lately. And in case you missed my Instagram post and Instastories from last weekend, you’ll be seeing a fun DIY tassel earrings tutorial on the blog this week!

I’ve even gotten back into rings lately! Does anyone else fall in and out of jewelry habits? I typically go through a jewelry hoarding phase and then one day I’ll just stop wearing jewelry altogether. And then just like that, I’ll pick it up again. Well, maybe it’s because spring is here, but I’ve definitely caught the jewelry bug again. There are just so many good jewelry trends right now! And how good is this designer dupe? I’ve been wearing it non-stop along with these stacking rings and this pavé circle ring.

So what are your spring classics?


Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Skincare Feels As Light As A Cloud

Peter Thomas Roth water drench cloud serum cream

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you already know my love for good skincare. It’s become an obsession. The older I get, the more I find myself gravitating towards skincare over makeup. So when Peter Thomas Roth sent me their new Water Drench skincare collection I was ecstatic to give it a try. I’m already a user of several hyaluronic products so I wasn’t sure if this collection would excite me. But boy, was I wrong. This stuff is good. I mean, shut-up-and-take-my-money good. Trust me, when a product or collection is almost sold out everywhere, you know it’s good.

So what makes the Water Drench collection so magical? The “it” skincare ingredient, of course. Hyaluronic acid has been dubbed “the fountain of youth” by some beauty experts. With powerful anti-aging properties, it is one of the premier hydrating ingredients for skin, even for oily, sensitive, or breakout-prone skin. Hyaluronic acid actually attracts and retains up to 1,000 times its weight in water from moisture in the atmosphere! One of the qualities of youthful skin is its ability to hold water and retain a balanced amount of moisture. Ah, to be young. But as we age, our skin loses the ability to maintain moisture as it once did resulting in, well, wrinkles. Not to mention fine lines and roughness. The Hyaluronic Cloud Cream has 30% concentrated hyaluronic acid that transforms atmospheric vapor into water from the clouds, providing your skin with intense hydration that lasts up to 72 hours. In other words, bye bye wrinkles and hello fresh, supple looking skin.

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Serum Cream

I’ve been using the Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Serum and Hyaluronic Cloud Cream daily for the past few weeks. While they can be used for day or night, I actually prefer them for the daytime. Both of these products are so incredibly light on the skin. The name really does speak for itself! They also feel incredibly luxurious on the skin. You know how some products just feel more luxurious than others? Will these both fall under that category. Especially the Cloud Cream. Every morning before applying my makeup, I first use an eye cream, then apply the Cloud Serum, followed by the Cloud Cream and it leaves my face looking so incredibly plump and hydrated without that sticky feeling, and never leaving my skin greasy.

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Serum Cream

I could literally shout my love for this collection from the mountain tops. It is so, so good. I’ve been alternating between so many different hyaluronic-based products for the past year but none come close to the Water Drench collection. Light, airy and effective. What more could you ask for in your skincare?

Have any of you tried any of the Peter Thomas Roth products? After loving this collection so much, I’m dying to try this, this and this!

Thank you to Peter Thomas Roth for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.