88 Eyeshadow Palette Offers a Rainbow of Colors

March 30, 2010

If you’ve been in the market for new eyeshadows and don’t want to spend a lot of money on colors you don’t think you would use very often, then the 88 eyeshadow palettes just may be for you.

These skittle-looking eyeshadows offer excellent color payoff and surprisingly last quite a long time, despite their small size.

The colors range from soft neutrals to vivid brights and although most of the shadows are a matte finish, there are a few shimmer shades thrown in. Companies also offer an 88 eyeshadow palette in all shimmer eyeshadows, but I prefer this matte palette because it gives a variety of both matte and shimmer, while the shimmer palette is strictly shimmer shades.

The 88 Eyeshadow Palette can be found at the Coastal Scents Website or you can try the eBay seller abestlife who sells the palettes at great prices and offers low shipping rates. They generally run around $21.95.

Give them a try!