A little haul from Sally’s Beauty Supply

July 6, 2010
Sally’s Beauty Supply is a great store to get cosmetics and nail care products at unbelievably amazing prices (the store has plenty more to offer than just hair products). I love hitting up Sally’s every now and then to get some great deals on beauty products. So on a whim today after I got off work I stopped in to pick up a few things. Here is a detailed look at everything I purchased.
China Glaze Nail Polish in Ruby Pumps (True red with red glitter)- $5.99
China Glaze Nail Polish in For Audrey (Tiffany blue)- $5.99
These two nail polishes have been on my list for quite some time now. I finally just decided to get them since I knew they were colors I would like. Ruby Pumps is a beautiful true red nail polish with tons of red glitter. It came out with the Chin Glaze Wizard of Oz Collection a while back. It’s sparkly but not too sparkly to the point where it looks ridiculous or tacky (although in my opinion, the more glitter, the better lol). For Audrey is, of course, the classic Tiffany & Co. blue/teal color. Just a pleasant shade for both the nails and toenails that works great in the summer.
FYI: China Glaze Nail Polishes are a little bit less at Sally’s then at Ulta, about 50 cents less. Plus they often have 2 for $10 deals, so that’s a great time to stock up on China Glaze.
Sally Girl Sparkle Effect Loose Glitter in Silver Lining (Silver) and Ruby Slipper (Red)- $0.99 each
Sally Girl Sparkle Effect Loose Glitter in Silver Lining
Sally Girl Sparkle Effect Loose Glitter in Ruby Slipper
What can I say? I have a true love and obsession with glitter. I feel like I have just about every color in glitter you can have except I was still missing silver and red, and at 99 cents each, I figured, “Why not.”
Sally Girl Glitter Gel Adhesive (Clear)- $0.99
My glitter collection has significantly grown in the last year and I had been on the lookout for a good glitter adhesive or sealer, but was having a hard time finding one for some reason (you would think there would be more available). I finally heard about this adhesive a while back on A Brilliant Brunette’s blog and have wanted to try it ever since. Unfortunately, my local Sally’s Beauty Supply never had it in stock, but thankfully this particular one I went to did! I was pretty excited. Especially since I didn’t want to pay for shipping on the Sally’s Website since it was five times more than the amount of the item itself! Wouldn’t have made much sense. 
Sally Girl Mini Baked Eyeshadow in Dark Green (Iridescent teal)- $0.99
This is a gorgeous pearly teal color that reminds me of MAC Eyeshadow in Parrot, a limited edition shade released in May 2004 in the Salsabelle Collection, that I have always wanted but was unsuccessful in finding. It isn’t as pigmented when used dry (as are most mineralized or baked eyeshadows), but if I spray an eyeshadow brush with MAC Fix + to dampen the brush a bit (water would work too) and then swipe the eyeshadow it comes off much more pigmented and even looks more iridescent. It’s a really beautiful eyeshadow, and really tiny! But for only 99 cents?! How can you go wrong? I may go back for more!
Sally Girl Mini Baked Eyeshadow in Dark Green wet (on left) and dry (on right)
 Are there any products that you love from Sally’s Beauty Supply?
  • Bekaloves
    July 9, 2010 at 1:52 PM

    Great haul! I can never contain myself at Sallys lol. The e/s is so pretty!

  • Jackie
    July 7, 2010 at 1:45 AM

    I think I'm going to do a post soon on different glitter adhesives and ways to make your own. Hopefully that will be more helpful =)

  • Charlie
    July 6, 2010 at 1:04 PM

    don´t have stores like that here in Finland, just really expensive ones and then the markets with the most basic stuff. such a shame. love all of those! would love a glitter adhesive!