A Very Large E.L.F. Haul

February 13, 2010
For those of you who are not familiar with the brand E.L.F. (aka Eyes Lips Face), you should definitely get to know it better. This is one incredible brand that has high quality makeup products at the most UNBELIEVABLE prices. By unbelievable, I mean $1 and $3 products. Pretty crazy. When I first found out about this brand I knew I had to try it and at prices that low, I wouldn’t mind being dissapointed with the products because I will have barely paid anything.
Here is the rundown on everything I got:
I cannot rave enough about how wonderful these brushes are. From left to right: Studio Kabuki Face Brush $5, Studio Complexion Brush $3, Studio Powder Brush $3, Studio Blush Brush $3, Blush Brush $1 and Eyeshadow Brush $1. If you buy anything from this brand, make it their Studio Brushes. They are great quality at even better prices. My favorite is hands down the Studio Powder Brush. It is a flat top kabuki that works great with liquid foundation, powder and cream blushes, or just buffing in face powder. Amazing product, and at $3 how can you go wrong?
These are the Mineral Eyeshadows in colors Wild (on the left) and Natural (on the right). Their Mineral Eyeshadows are comparable to the Bare Mineral Eyeshadows and even come in similar colors. And they are only $3 each. I use Natural quite a bit and it is a great everyday color.
This is the All Over Color Stick in Pink Lemonade. I have only used this once and it isn’t a personal favorite, but it is still a pretty good product. And it is only $1.
The colors swatched from left to right: All Over Color Stick in Pink Lemonade, Mineral Eyeshadow in Natural, Mineral Eyeshadow in Wild.
Pictured above are the Studio Bronzer in Golden Bronzer, Blush and Highlight Duo, and Complexion Perfection. The Complexion Perfection is a very thin and finely milled powder that contains four color correcting shades and you put this on your face using a powder brush. It is supposed to be a color corrector for your face. I personally hate it, however I have heard other people rave about it. So to each their own, I guess. The Blush and Highlight Duo is almost identical to the NARS Bronzer/ Blush Duo in Orgasm and Laguna. I generally reach for my NARS duo instead. But the Golden Bronzer is my favorite! It doesn’t work so great as a bronzer, but it works amazing as a highlight! A day doesn’t go by without using this bronzer. I love it. And all three of these products were $3 each.
These are three sets of eyeliners that were purchased for $1 each. Not a bad deal. The first four from the left pictured are glitter eyeliners in silver, white, purple and pink which came in packs of two. They are from their juniors line called Sugar Kiss. The other three eyeliners were in a set together and are black, white and the same white glitter from the Sugar Kiss set. They work well with good color payoff. A pretty good deal for only a $1 per set.
The Mineral Lipsticks are awesome lipsticks with excellent color payoff, and I find them to be very moisturizing on the lips. Pictured above is Nicely Nude, Natural Nymph, and Cool Coral. I love Nicely Nude. It is very similar to MAC Angel Lipstick; a good everyday color. The lispticks are $5 each.
And last but not least are the two false eyelashes, Natural and Dramatic, the eyelash curler and the Eye Widener Pencil. All items were only $1. I have yet to use the false eyelashes, but they are quite popular and I have seen a lot of people use them in FOTDs. I like the eyelash curler, but the Eye Widener is useless. It is just a white eye liner pencil but it feels old and dried up and when I attempted to use it absolutely zero color came off of it. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it, even if it is only $1.
So as you can see I got quite a lot of products for very little money and they are great items comparable to more expensive brands such as NARS and MAC. I am very pleased with a lot of the items and I can’t wait to make another E.L.F. haul soon. Also, if you sign up for their email newsletters they send you weekly coupon codes for 50% off items, free shipping, or even free items with minimum purchases. Check out the Website here and take a look at all their awesome products.