Aēsop Sun Care Essentials

July 7, 2016


One of my absolute favorite skincare brands is Aēsop. I have yet to try an Aēsop product I didn’t love and their sun care line is no exception. Aēsop was kind enough to send me some of their top selling sun care products and I couldn’t wait to try them out. I was already a fanatic of the brand – I have the Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash at every sink in my apartment – so I knew I’d love these Aēsop sun care essentials.

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My favorite products from the Aēsop sun care line are the Avail Body Lotion with Sunscreen and Petitgrain Reviving Body Gel. Let me preface this by saying I loathe sunscreen – to the point where I almost skip it entirely. Terrible, I know. SPF is a necessity when in the sun and sun care shouldn’t be taken lightly.

I immediately fell in love with the Avail Body Lotion after the first application. It smells like peppermint and floral, nothing like the usual sunscreens I’ve used in the past. Did I mention I hate sunscreen? The smell and thick, impossible-to-absorb consistency drives me nuts. This is the complete opposite of that. Besides the lovely smell, it applies like a normal moisturizer and easily absorbs into the skin. So there’s no thick, white globs that usually get missed in hard to reach places. It even dries like a normal moisturizer so I don’t get that sticky, greasy feeling, but it still has the potency of a normal sunscreen with SPF 50. What’s not to love? This is a must-have product for me that always goes into my beach bag.

The Petitgrain Reviving Body Gel is similar to the effects of applying aloe vera, only it smells better and as soothing and smoothing skincare effects. This is an after-sun care product and truly is what the name says – reviving! It hydrates the skin and cools it down after sun exposure. I typically don’t burn, but even if I get that warm feeling after I’ve been out in the sun all day, I’ll apply this all over for a refreshingly cool feeling. And of all people, Steven loves this stuff. I’ve found him digging in my bag or underneath our bathroom sink for it after being outside all day. “What?!” he tells me. “It smells good!” So there you have it. Boyfriend approved.

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Although there are tons of makeup products on the market that claim to have SPF, be weary. Makeup will never provide the same SPF coverage that a skincare product or facial sunscreen can offer. But the same way I feel about sunscreen on the body, also goes for the face. I use potent and thick facial products all the time, but sunscreen typically has a much different consistency that I can’t stand to use on my face. So I usually opt for moisturizers with SPF and this Sage & Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream has quickly become a favorite.

Although it is only SPF15, it is still an effective sun care product while providing hydration. It doesn’t feel too thick on the face and absorbs just enough to make it comfortable to wear and reapply throughout the day. It also smells amazing!

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I’m a true lip balm junkie. I have every lip balm under the sun… and then some. But it’s rare that I find a lip balm that contains SPF. The Avail Lip Balm with Sunscreen has become my new best friend. I am prone to chapped lips so I am constantly reapplying this throughout the day, even if I’m not outside! It has hydrating and moisturizing properties to keep lips from drying out and has the added benefit of sun protection. I never leave the house without it!

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