An Ode to Mom

May 11, 2014
I often wonder where would I be if it weren’t for my Mom. Not literally, since I wouldn’t have been born. But the little things in life like never leave the house without lipstick or makeup, no nail polish is better than chipped nail polish (my mother’s biggest pet peeve that I never forget).
While some of these teachings may be vain to some, I thank her for this. I never leave the house without looking presentable. I believe that has given me better opportunities at work and definitely gives me a one up in an interview.
And the apple definitely does not fall far from the tree. I have her smile, politeness, emotions and passion. For these I will always be proud. I’ve been told I am so much like my mother but I never saw it until I was older and I stand taller (well as tall as I can at 4′ 11″) because of it. My mother is a petite but strong woman and I could only hope to be as strong as her through life.
I may be over 1,400 miles away from her now but just like I remind her, I am only a text, phone call or plane ride away.
So Mom, this is an ode to you. My hero, my muse and my best friend.