Auburn and boring

March 10, 2010

Since I have been looking for a full time job, I felt that maybe it was time to let the purple hair go and get back to a semi-natural state. Easier said than done, if you ask me. After staring for a good 10 minutes at countless shades of dye at Sally’s Beauty Supply, I finally picked the pefect shade of brown (or so I thought).

I do my own hair color because A) I’m broke, and B) I kind of enjoy doing it myself…sometimes. I was worried the purple wouldn’t get covered properly so I bought two bottles of Loreal Feria Professional Hair color in 4.33 Shimmering Dark Golden Brown and a developer. I ended up using up both bottles completely and let it sit on my hair for about 35 minutes before proceeding to wash out the color.

The results…not what I was going for. It came out way too coppery for my liking. I was going for a more darker hue of brown, close to my natural color. And this definitely was not it. The worst part of it is that the dye did not cover the old black dye I still have growing out in my layers underneath so it looks like the top half of my head is a copper-auburn color and the bottom half is black.

Not so attractive, but I guess it will do for now. Maybe in a week or two I will just get the darkest brown they carry and try slapping that on to cover up the copper mess…I’m thinking Kardashian hair color? I’m not sure yet, we’ll see. I just refuse to dye it black again; it’s a huge pain to change colors afterwards, meaning you’re stuck with black for a very long time. I’ve come too far in growing it out to start all over again.