Austin Adventures // Hamilton Pool

June 2, 2015

In celebration of my birthday two weeks ago, Steven and I decided to head South and explore Hill Country (that’s Austin for those of you non-Texans). We had an awesome time and I probably asked Steven if we could move there at least five times a day. I loved all the fun things to do and that we were finally able to get back in touch with nature.
I think that’s what we miss most about California – being able to go on hikes, enjoy the beach or camp in the mountains. In Southern California, you’re surrounded by so many beautiful natural places to explore so it was quite the adjustment in Dallas.
When researching things to do, I had placed Hamilton Pool at the top of my list. About 40 minutes outside of Austin, this beautiful natural preserve is nestled in the hills of Travis County. Knowing it would only be a quarter of a mile hike (yes, I made sure it was short) we hopped in the car and headed through the windy roads of the hills hoping to be able to take a dip in the natural pool. But to our surprise, swimming was not allowed due to high bacteria levels from all the recent rain – a total bummer. But it was fun roaming around the area and getting to actually see the waterfall and pool. Definitely worth checking out if you’re traveling to Austin this summer.


Top: Target | Shorts: Target | Sandals: Target – on sale! | Sunglasses: Ray-ban
If you’re looking to visit Hamilton Pool in Travis County, I recommend checking their website to see if they allow swimming the day of your visit – updated daily.
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