Bargain Shopping :: Walmart Fall 2013 Picks

October 29, 2013
I love finding a good deal and to my surprise during a recent trip to Walmart, I found myself grabbing a whole pile of clothes to take to the fitting room. Although I regularly shop at places like Target, TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls, etc. I never actually looked at the clothing selection at Walmart and I was pleasantly surprised! Sure there are some rather scary articles of clothing there, but there were a few standout pieces that I couldn’t wait to take home. There were quite a few J.Crew resemblances as well! 
Most of the really good finds are only available on the Website, but sometimes you can find a few items in the stores. My top picks for this year’s fall trends include sweaters, leather, leopard, chambray and my personal favorite, boots! 

The best part of all these picks? Every item is under $30!!! And all of the shoes and boots are under $40! Now this is some serious bargain shopping. I’ll be checking the Walmart website from now on before checking out places like Target or H & M. 
What style bargains have you found at Walmart?