Bedroom Makeover

February 23, 2016

Sandy Broenimann Love and Affection Art Print    Inspire Q Naples Linen Wingback Tufted Bed (headboard version here)    H&M Linen Duvet Set    Large Lidded African Prayer Mat Hamper    Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree    Threshold White and Natural Woven Basket    H&M Jacquard-Weave Throw    Threshold Cylinder Shade Brass Task Lamp    Mid Century Modern 6-Drawer Dresser

The Mittman-Lara household “Project Decorate!” is finally under way. We have very slowly started decorating the apartment and buying new pieces here and there to finally make our apartment look like a home. As much as I have a penchant for decor, for some reason we just never get around to decorating any of our apartment (we’ve moved every year for the last 3 years). So that’s 3 different apartments we technically never decorated. I am determined to create a home for us where we’re living now.

Our bedroom makeover takes first priority and we’ll then finish the living room and finally our bathroom. It’s a small apartment, so that’s essentially it. We just purchased this bed recently and I am head(board) over heels for it! See what I did there?

We also have nightstands that were a DIY project gone wrong that I’ve neglected to fix – talk about a bad staining job. It’s really bad. So it essentially needs to be stripped and re-stained. I keep putting it off for obvious reasons.

The next big piece of furniture next on our list is a dresser! We’ve been using Steven’s old dresser from his parent’s house and we’ve both grown tired of it. We’ve been eyeing this gorgeous dresser, but was elated to find this almost identical version for a much, much better price.

And can we talk about how insanely adorable and awesome this print is? I’ve searched high and low for the perfect print to go above our bed and hadn’t had any luck. That is until I found this and immediately knew it was the one. I wanted something that represented us, since after all the bedroom is our sanctuary, but didn’t want anything too trendy. So this print was perfect.

You’ll be seeing many more home decor snapshots to come as we continue to decorate. I’ll be featuring a post with the final outcome as we finish each room as well. So stay tuned!

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