The Best Under-Eye Creams For Dark Circles

October 10, 2016
under-eye creams

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As I get older, my problem area continues to be my dark under-eye circles. I like to burn the midnight oil, so it’s rare if I get a full eight hours of sleep, or five hours for that matter. I’ve tried a ton of products and while all of them claim to make your under-eye circles vanish, most of them fall short of their promises.

According to a recent article in Redbook magazine, there are three main types of dark under-eye circles and knowing what kind you have can help determine the right products for you and what will actually be effective. I’ve rounded up five of my favorite under-eye creams that each contain key ingredients to help these types of dark circles.


This is the most common type of under-eye circles and is caused by aging or significant weight loss. Volume loss means the skin around your eyes appear sunken, causing shadows around your eyes. As we age, we actually lose fat in our faces. So whether it be age or weight loss, light will hit the face differently causing shadows that look like dark circles. Products with ingredients that plump the skin will help reduce the appearance of shadows. Estēe Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream is clinically proven to leave your entire under-eye area “cushioned and comfortable” leaving skin looking youthful and vibrant. MAC Fast Response Eye Cream is also a great product to get quick, similar results. The caffeinated cream erases the look of dark circles and soothes and softens the skin around the eye.


Paper-thin skin or excess melanin is another type of under-eye circle that appears red or violet on fair skin and brownish on darker skin. The simple answer for the cause of this is genetics. And while that may sound like there’s no hope to fix this type of under-eye circle, there are products available that will help. An eye cream with with retinol can help boost collagen production to thicken skin, making dark circles less noticeable. Verso Skincare Super Eye Serum is formulated with retinol 8, a stabilized vitamin A complex, which is eight times more effective than standard retinol in the same dosage. According to the brand, “It supports the skin’s natural collagen while reversing the visible signs of aging.”


For those of you who find themselves constantly touching their face, this could be you. You could also have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation if your under-eye circles are brown or if you’re congested. It’s caused by skin trauma, usually from aggressive rubbing that could be due to allergies, dry eye or a bad habit. This eventually turns into chronic inflammation. So leave those eyes alone! Products that stimulate new collagen can help with this issue. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Cream has vitamin C, copper and blue algae peptides that have tons of anti-aging benefits. Hydrolyzed collagen, essential oils and caffeine nourish and firm the delicate area to make up for any aggressive tugging that may have occurred. The Joanna Vargas Revitalizing Eye Cream (a personal favorite!) is also a great product to help with this issue. The product’s key ingredient Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 is a well known hydroscopic moisturizer that helps reduce puffiness, improves skin’s elasticity as well as overall smoothness. I swear by this product before I put on my makeup to prevent my concealer from creasing. It also helps brightens the under-eye area so I don’t have to use nearly as much concealer.

What are you favorite products to help eliminate dark under-eye circles?