BFree Organics Handmade Skin Care

January 4, 2013
While I admit to being a beauty junkie of all products, I realize there are so many skin care and makeup products full of unnatural ingredients  and harsh chemicals that can actually be dangerous to your health and well being since it is absorbed into the skin. And what better way to lead a healthier life style than to start with my skin care? 
I always love to support small businesses so I was very excited when owner, Cassandra Davis, asked me to try out some products from her line BFree Organics Handmade Skin Care. “BFree Organics is a Los Angeles based Organic skin care company that specializes in eco-conscious handmade skin care and beauty products.” BFree focuses on “Organic remedies for anti-aging, and renewing all different skin types, conditions and ethnicities.”
After trying out the products on and off for a little over a month, I can confidently say that I am impressed with the quality and the results I am getting after using them. While I don’t really have problematic skin, I can say that I do see a difference in my face after using products with all natural ingredients. Here are my thoughts on the items that stood out the most to me:   

Fresh Facial Cleanser and Vegetable Body Wash
From the first time I start using the Fresh Facial Cleanser I was hooked. I loved how soft and unbelievably clean my skin felt after using it. I typically use drug store brand face cleansers from brands such as Aveeno or L’Oreal which can be filled with chemicals and preservatives but this face cleanser really is awesome. My face just felt overall cleaner and hydrated. I’m even dying to try it with the Clarisonic (as soon as I get my hands on one!) since I feel like using an all natural face cleanser with a deep cleaning brush will be more beneficial to my skin. Think about it…no harsh chemicals in clean, open pores! 
The Vegetable Body Wash didn’t blow my mind and isn’t the best body wash I’ve ever used, but it did leave my skin feeling clean without being over drying as some body washes tend to do. And a body wash that doesn’t dry out my skin AND has all organic ingredients is a-ok in my book. I’ve been using it with my Salux body cloth to get a healthy, deep clean.   
Daily Moisturizer
My skin tends to be very dry so I am always on the hunt for a good facial moisturizer. I’ve been using the Daily Moisturizer almost every day for a month now and I actually really like it. While it is a little watery/runny for my liking, I like that it isn’t too thick so it absorbs quickly into my skin without having to a wait a few minutes before putting my makeup on. I found it to be moisturizing without that sticky, heavy feeling. 
This is perfect for days when I just want to use a light moisturizer under my makeup. It took care of any dry spots on my face and wasn’t irritating around the eye area. Plus I love that the moisturizer serves as an organic, all natural base creating a barrier between my skin and my makeup (at least I’d like to think that’s what it’s doing haha).

Citrus Pomegranate Body Buffer
This scrub is hands down my favorite product from BFree Organics. I LOVE body scrubs and buffers so I was really excited to give this one a try. It is a blend of pomegranate, orange and grapefruit essential oils and is perfectly refreshing in my morning shower. This does wonders for my dry skin, especially right now in the winter! And because it is used with all natural ingredients, it is safe for your face too. I use a small amount to swirl on my cheeks and rub around my face to get any dirt and grime leftover that I may have missed after using the face wash.    
I highly recommend BFree Organics Skin Care especially if you prefer all natural and organic beauty products. This is great for those of you who lead a healthy lifestyle, but also for those who are looking for a more holistic route in skin care remedies for problems such as acne, anti-aging, dry skin, eczema, and more. Check out the products at
**These products were sent to me for consideration, however, this review is based on my own, honest opinions**