Bringing the Sunshine Indoors with Houseplants


With Winter almost here, I’ve been searching for ways to warm up our apartment and feel a little less, well, dreary. I’m one of those people that is severely affected by weather – I’d never make it in Alaska. So I’ve found that houseplants is one of the easiest ways to bring theΒ sunshine indoors.

Plants such as cactus and fiddle-leaf figs remind me of someplace warm or tropical. And that alone makes me feel relaxed and less sad. Ha! I’m kidding – I’m not that bad. But a little greenery really does Β go a long way. Research actually shows that keeping houseplants inside your home can bring a number of physical and mental benefits. Not to mention the fact that they truly make a big statement in home decor.

I’ve found that local nursery’s are the best way to go when looking for houseplants. Redenta’s Garden Shop in East Dallas is one of my favorites. Or, if you’re not in the market for a live plant, you can always try a faux plant instead like this cactus.

houseplants-sunshine-indoors-home-decor-pretty-petals houseplants-sunshine-indoors-home-decor-pretty-petalshouseplants-sunshine-indoors-home-decor-pretty-petalshouseplants-sunshine-indoors-home-decor-pretty-petalshouseplants-sunshine-indoors-home-decor-pretty-petals Images via Pinterest and Amber Interiors.

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