Brushology: A Guide to Makeup Brushes

September 9, 2014
                         Courtesy of: Alight

There are so many brushes out there that it can be difficult to choose the one that’s right for the look you’re going for. It can get confusing!
Here is a breakdown on my favorite type of brushes and how to use them:
For full coverage foundation, opt for a flat top kabuki. For a flawless, airbrushed face, try the Beauty Blender. And for a light to medium coverage for everyday wear, try a large stippling brush to apply foundation.
When applying concealer, try using a small stippling brush for perfect blending. Or for more precise application, apply using a traditional concealer brush. Top everything off with a large fluffy powder brush to set foundation and concealer. 
For bronzer use a large bronzer brush to add color to the face or for the perfect contour, try a structured brush that is angled. A fluffy round brush works best for blush and a fan brush works best for applying a highlight powder. 
Sephora Bronzing Brush | MAC 168 | MAC 129 | Sedona Lace Fan Brush

A flat shader brush is a must to pat color on the lids. Use a pointed blending brush to apply color in the crease, and a small angled liner to complete the look with gel liner. 
Use a traditional lip brush to not only apply lipstick or gloss, but also lip liner. You can get better color payoff and make it longer lasting by applying a lip liner using a lip brush


A small angled liner works best using a tinted brow gel to shape and fill in. A brow spoolie is also necessary to brush the color through and help shape the brows. Line underneath the brows with a very small concealer or lip liner brush using concealer to highlight the brow and lift the eye.

Thanks for reading!