Casual Red Sweater

December 9, 2016

Photos by Beckley & Co.

Red Fine Knit Sweater  •  High Rise Crop Flare Jeans  •  Gucci Princetown Mule Loafer (less expensive version here)  •  Classic Box Bag (similar here and love this style)  •  Ray-ban Original Aviator Sunglasses

Sometimes you just need to keep it simple. I prefer to keep things classic and casual, and truthfully, you’ll usually find me in t-shirt and jeans. I’ll usually swap out my tees for sweaters in the fall but the look remains the same. And ever since I got my hands on these mule loafers, this has pretty much become my every day uniform. Well, that was until the temperatures recently dropped. Damn you, cold weather *insert eye roll here*. Did I mention I hate the cold?

Along with keeping things simple, I tend to stick with neutral color palettes. But every now and then I love a good pop of color. Red has always been a color I’ve gravitated towards time and time again. Almost like a power color? I just feel more confident in red. So this casual red sweater is the perfect way to elevate an everyday look.

And can we talk about these high-rise crop flares (also seen on the blog here). These jeans are literal perfect and quite the steal at only $30!! I actually cut the bottom of these because, well, #shortpeopleproblems. But they were originally a raw hem, so these are definitely DIY hem approved. I just can’t get enough of them. So much easier to wear than I originally anticipated.

Have a great weekend!