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  • bedroom_makeover_home_decor

    Bedroom Makeover

    Sandy Broenimann Love and Affection Art Print  •  Inspire Q Naples Linen Wingback Tufted Bed (headboard version here)  •  H&M Linen Duvet Set  •  Large Lidded African Prayer Mat Hamper  •  Fiddle…

  • light-airy-living-room-decor-pretty-petals

    Light and Airy Living Rooms

    Maybe it’s the gloomy winter, but all I seem to dream about is light and airy living rooms. Spaces that allow for the natural light to flood through and keep a…

  • Tulum-Mexico-inspired-decor-H-M-home

    Tulum Inspired Decor with H&M Home

    Tulum, Mexico was the vacation spot in 2015 and it’s number one on my getaway list for 2016. With so many beautiful photos spreading like wildfire on Instagram and Pinterest of…

  • california-boho-decor-home-pretty-petals

    California Boho Decor

    Maybe it’s because I miss home, but I’ve been dreaming of California boho decor. Rooms filled with beautiful, vintage mid-century furniture, bright white walls, and an array of cactus and succulents…