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  • trench coat

    The Trench Coat

    Of all the jacket styles out there, I think the trench coat is my favorite. I never really knew if this was a style I'd get much wear out of. But…

  • jeans on sale

    How To Score The Best Jeans On Sale Now

    If there's one thing you can never have enough of, it's jeans. I like different styles, fits and washes to correspond with seasons, mood and shoes. All equally important factors when…

  • floral dress

    The Dreamiest Floral Dress… Under $30

    I was stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted this floral dress at the most unlikely place. Isn't that the best? That was the case while I quickly perused the…

  • Style

    On My Radar Fridays Vol. 1

    Oh hey new series, hey! Ok, so I'm going to make an attempt to start a new series on the blog covering everything on my radar from the week. From beauty…