Completely Bare For Unwanted Hair Review

May 9, 2016

completely bare wax kit

Let’s face it, hair removal is a big pain. And if you’re anything like me, you have to do it often, and everywhere. Fun times, right? Because I’m hispanic, my hair grows in dark and thick. So any time products become available that make the body hair removal process easier, I’m always on board.

Completely Bare offers a line of spa quality hair removal products that you can use at home. The product lineup not only helps with the process of hair removal, but also helps for the after care and slowing the hair growth.

I’ve been using the Ready Set Wax Hypo-Allergenic Wax Strips For: Face Bikini Body, Bikini Bump Blaster and Don’t Grow There Body Moisturizer and Hair Inhibitor and have been extremely pleased with the results.

I’ve had a rather unpleasant waxing experience before, so I much prefer to do it at home when possible. But I hate messing with heated wax – it’s messy and time consuming. The Ready Set Wax Strips are perfect because they don’t require any heat and only takes a mere minute to remove any unwanted hair. Even better is that it works on short hair! Because let’s be honest, I’m not growing my hair out.

The wax strips come in 3 different sizes for body, bikini/underarm, and face. I used the smaller ones on my pesky sideburns – after a bad laser hair removal experience it’s been an issue I’ve struggled with. These did a great job at removing the hair, although I had a few stubborn patches that was just stubble so it didn’t pick up with the wax. Had I waited another day, the hair probably would have been long enough to completely wax off.

I had a similar experience with my underarms. And I will say, this was more painful than waxing my sideburns. But I’m also a big baby. It wasn’t as bad as other wax experiences, but it did sting a bit. I was able to remove most of the hair, but similar to the outcome on my face, there were small stubble patches that didn’t come off. But overall, I’m happy with the result. It was a close enough wax to make me feel comfortable lifting my arms up while wearing a tank top.

I also did the bikini wax, although this is something I’m always hesitant with when doing at home. I felt comfortable using these… down there… because there was no heat involved and it’s just a quick rub and rip. Nothing complicated and no wax application necessary. And while there was definitely stinging, it wasn’t unbearable. I followed up with the Bikini Bump Blaster to eliminate any ingrown hairs – I am very prone to these. It’s always been an issue for me but this product definitely helped eliminate any unwanted bumps.

Because this has also been an issue for me, there is an additional benefit to waxing. I have some minor scarring and discoloration from previous bumps in the course of my hair removal lifetime. By waxing, you’re also gently exfoliating the skin removing any dead skin cells and rejuvenating the skin underneath. This helps dissipate the discoloration and scarring I have. Win/win!

The final product, which I was most excited to try is the Don’t Grow There Body Moisturizer and Hair Inhibitor. I’ve been applying this all over my body, focusing on legs and arms. I haven’t noticed a significant change in the hair growth, but I’m remaining positive and continue to use daily. Results are supposed to show after using for 28 days so I still have a little while to go. The moisturizer helps reduce hair density by 50%, reduces hair length by 30%, and helps reduce hair growth by 55%. That’s pretty impressive! So you bet this is one product I plan on continuing to use because anything that will reduce the thickness and growth speed of my body hair is a winner in my book. And perfect for in between waxes in the summer!

If you haven’t tried Completely Bare products, you’re probably spending way too much on waxes and hair removal elsewhere. Or maybe you’re just blessed and don’t have this problem. But for those of you suffering from unwanted body hair like me, I’d recommend giving the wax strips and after care products a try. Because who doesn’t want to make hair removal easier?

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