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DIY Name Patch Denim Jacket

March 14, 2017
diy name patch denim jacket

diy name patch denim jacketMADEWELL Jacket  •  ETSY Name Patch  •  FOREVER 21 Sweater  •  PAIGE Jeans  •  RAY-BAN Sunglasses  •  GUCCI Mule Flats (designer dupes here•  H&M Necklace

I had been eyeing this custom Rails LA jacket for months. Tossing back and forth on how I could justify this purchase and how often I’d actually wear it. I was obsessed, but not quite ready to pull the trigger. And then I thought, hello. Easy DIY alert! So I began my search for custom name patches on Etsy and filtered through hundreds of hundreds of styles until I finally came across this one. Sold. So there you have it. The easiest DIY name patch denim jacket ever created. And for a fraction of the designer version. 😉

So what do you need for this super easy DIY? A denim jacket, custom embroidered name patch, and an iron. I used my favorite Madewell denim jacket because the fit is the best I’ve ever found. Being petite makes it difficult to find good fitting jackets. But this and this are also amazing options. Lay out the jacket on a flat surface and decide where the patch looks best. I wanted it to resemble the Rails LA version, so I smacked it right in the middle. But it would also look cool higher up towards the collar!

Once you know where you want the patch, grab a pillowcase and place over the patch. Grab your heated iron and iron over the pillow case. Press the iron down and hold over the patch for about 20 seconds. I then heated the iron up to about 375 degrees, then flipped the denim jacket over, placed the pillow case over where the patch area was, then ironed over the patch area from the back just to ensure the patch adhered to the jacket properly.

And there you have it – an easy DIY name patch denim jacket! Wait for the jacket to cool, drape it over your shoulders and go on with your bad self. 👊🏼 Just be prepared for everyone to know your name now. 😂

sweater and denim jacketdiy name patch denim jacketdiy name patch denim jacketdiy name patch denim jacket Photos by Beckley & Co.