{DIY Organizing} Jewelry Storage and Display

March 4, 2011

There are so many creative ways to display and store jewelry. I personally prefer “displaying” my jewelry so that I can visually see everything I have. That phrase “out of sight, out of mind” really is true. So if I don’t see it, I completely forget I have it. And I have a LOT of jewelry. So I needed to find a solution to be able to have all of it out in the open where I can easily see everything.

I had empty wall space directly behind my door so I figured it would be the best place to hang all of my necklaces. I used clear push pins and carefully aligned them about two inches apart from each other in 5 rows, leaving enough space on the bottom row to hang all of my extra long necklaces without having them drag on the floor. Keep in mind this is all costume jewelry. The push pins worked perfect and I have enough space to hang about two or necklaces on each pin, depending on the size of the necklace. 
The reason I chose push pins was to avoid any interference with the door. I didn’t want the door to hit the jewelry and the push pins keep everything close enough to the wall where it is safe and the door never touches any of it. You could also use 3M Command Hooks which come in a variety of small sizes and can easily be moved around or removed without damaging the wall.

For costume bracelets, I keep them placed on this 3-tier stand which is lined with quilted fabric. I was lucky enough to nab this from a store’s visual display. They were actually going to throw it away! It isn’t the perfect solution, since as you can see from the picture above, I have far too many bracelets and they are all practically toppling over, but it works for now. I keep costume earrings and rings in vintage ice cream bowls (which I featured in my “Gone thriftin’!” post here) and larger earrings in an abalone shell.

As far as my finer jewelry goes, I keep them stored away each in its coordinating boxes/bags in a large Tiffany & Co. box. I prefer not having my nice jewelry out in the open in order to keep them safe and preserve them so that they don’t get ruined. My “fine,” or otherwise more expensive, jewelry includes Tiffany & Co., Juicy Couture, Tarina Tarantino, Chanel and diamond earrings.

And, because I’m probably the biggest nerd you’ll ever meet, I label the bottom of each Tiffany & Co. box so I know which item is which and don’t have to open up every single box to find a specific piece. This greatly helps my morning routine so I’m not digging through boxes trying to find that one piece of jewelry.

How do you store your jewelry?
  • AnNeTtEe
    March 5, 2011 at 1:03 AM

    wow!!! u have all kinds of accessories!!! it's like heaven!!! haha…. I love how you organize your necklaces, it's very nice! & ooohh, Tiffany!!! I wish you could show your Tiffany collection =)