{DIY Project} Replica Kate Spade “Cloverdale” Rose Vase

August 9, 2011
{Image: Bedroom of Michelle Adams, founder of Lonny Magazine}
I instantly fell in love with the Kate Spade Cloverdale Rose Vase and the chic, playful twist is added to any room. The problem was not only being out of my price range, but also that it was no longer available. So I put my craft skills to use and made my own (actually, no skills required!)

{Image: Kate Spade Cloverdale Rose Vase}

{The Tools}
Metallic Gold Acrylic Paint 
Rose Vase
Paint Brush 
Sponge Brush
Circle stencil

I opted for larger polka dots so that I wouldn’t have to paint as many and they would be more visible from a distance. It also took about five or six coats to get somewhat of an opaque coverage. 

Add some pretty flowers, and voila! An instant pick-me-up that looks great in any room. Not bad for under $6! 
You can get the rose vase for around $3 at Michael’s Craft Stores or at your local thrift stores.
  • Catherine
    August 9, 2011 at 1:50 AM

    It looks great 😀 x