DIY // Ted Baker Inspired Gem Collar

May 12, 2015
I haven’t done a DIY post in quite some time so I decided to add this simple do-it-yourself project that literally took less than 5 minutes. After falling in love with a black and white gem collared Ted Baker dress this past fall, I knew I had to try and recreate it and I figured the easiest method was to just make a removable collar so that I could add it under anything. Not exactly the same, I ended up putting my own spin on it. So this is more of an inspired DIY. 
I love the look of colored shirts under sweaters or layered with different shirts, but I hate that bulky feeling when I have multiple shirts on. Not to mention the fact that I overheat quickly and get annoyed adjusting both layers all day. So a removable collar is just the solution. Although technically called a dickey, the name makes me shutter. So for the purpose of this tutorial, we’re calling it a removable collar. Any problems? Good, moving on. Here’s what you’ll need:

A removable collar (ahem… again, not a dickey)
An assortment of gem stones
E6000 Glue (this stuff works on everything)

Let’s get started!

I started out by playing around with different gem layouts and arranging on the shirt itself so I could see how it would look on the collar without having to peel off everything once the glue is applied.

Once I established my design, I left the gems laid out exactly how I wanted them lower on the shirt, so I could reference the design every time I glued down a gem. The E6000 glue works tremendously well and only a small drop is needed to keep the gem secure.

I pushed down on each gem to ensure they were flat on the collar and then allowed to dry overnight. Although this glue dries pretty quickly – better safe than sorry.
All done! You’re ready to rock your new gem collar. Easy peasy right?
Let me know if you end up trying out this DIY and leave me a comment or use the hashtag #prettypetalsDIY on social media!
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