Drugstore Find: The Holy Grail Moisturizer

February 7, 2010

I have a serious issue with dry skin, especially on my face. Without a good moisturizer, makeup is useless and ends up just making my skin look terrible and actually emphasizes the dryness. So I am always on the lookout for the ultimate moisturizer. There are some great facial moisturizers out there, but I am not willing to pay a pretty penny for it since I go through it so quickly by applying it on my face twice a day, before makeup and after makeup removal. You see my dilemma?

But after overhearing a conversation between two women at a drugstore about her dermatologist’s recommendation to use Cetaphil moisturizer to heal her dry spots on her face, I thought I would give it a whirl. (And yes I was totally eaves dropping lol).

I ended up buying the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream which comes in a HUGE tub and only costs around $10. Score! I did a little research on Makeup Alley to see if anyone had posted any reviews on it and it turned out that tons of people rave over this stuff as one of the best moisturizers and the ultimate antidote for dry skin.

I was a little reluctant about using this moisturizer on my face since it is so thick, but nowhere does the packaging state to avoid putting on the face. So I tried it one morning before I put my makeup on for the day and I was shocked at how great it made my skin feel. It was like someone waved a magic wand over my face and suddenly the dryness was gone. My foundation went on smoother and gave a much prettier, natural finish than any other moisturizer I had used, including Clinique’s Moisture Surge which did nothing for me.
Although this cream worked wonders for me, it is an incredibly thick and heavy moisturizer so I wouldn’t recommend using this on your face if you have very oily skin or if you are prone to breakouts. But for someone with dry to normal skin like me, this is the holy grail moisturizer.