Essence Concealer delivers decent coverage for under $3

April 12, 2010

Recently, Ulta started carried a brand called Essence which is a small brand of incredibly inexpensive products mostly intended for younger teens (think an even younger version of Wet N’ Wild, or if Bonnebel carried a full line of makeup). But regardless of its teeny-bopper feel, the brand has some suprising gems to be discovered.

I recently picked up the Essence Forget it! 3-in-1 Concealer and I have to say it isn’t bad.

The concealer features three shades: green, pink and beige.

The green shade is by far my favorite and most used. I use it over any red spots on my face, which works particularly well over pimples. I also blend some over the redness I typically have on my cheeks. It provides a fairly decent coverage and works exceptionally well when I apply my MAC Studio Finish concealer over it for extra coverage. However, you could easily skip the second layer of concealer and just apply foundation over the green concealer and it will conceal any redness just as well. This evens out the complexion and minimizes any facial redness.

The pink shade works amazing as an undereye concealer to counteract the blue tones in undereye circles or any veins peeking through. I apply the pink underneath my eyes and follow with a thin layer of MAC Studio Finish Concealer, or even the beige color provided in the Essence concealer, and my dark circles are virtually invisible.

The beige shade of the concealer is a light to medium shade that covers any spot that needs to be concealed: dark circles, blemishes, dark spots and veins. While it isn’t the best concealer I have ever tried, it does provide a surprisingly decent coverage.

The Forget it! Concealer has a very creamy consistency and goes on rather thin, so layering is needed for a good coverage. It doesn’t cake under my eyes and has great lasting power. The packaging is a rather cheap and flimsy clear plastic that feels like it could break upon the first accidental drop. But no need to fear because this 3-in-1 concealer is only $2.49! An awesome deal and so worth a try for under three bucks.

From left to right: pink concealer, green concealer and beige concealer

I’m dying to try the other Essence products, especially since everything is so cheap. Check out Essence at your local Ulta or visit the Ulta Website here to view the entire Essence cosmetics line.