Essence of Beauty brushes make great M.A.C. dupes

May 21, 2010

I’ve been wanting to give some of the Essence of Beauty brushes from CVS a try, especially since I’m always on the hunt for great inexpensive brushes, so I picked up the four-piece brush set and the duo eye crease brush set.

The four-piece brush set is an amazing buy at $9.99 because it comes with four brushes and a brush holder. To be honest I only found three of the brushes to be useful, but they’re so great that they make up for the useless fourth brush.

From left to right: Essence of Beauty Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Eyeshadow Brush and Eyeliner Brush.

The angled blush brush is definitely my favorite out of the four because it makes an excellent dupe for the MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush. Same shape and size, just not as full as the 168, but it still works excellent for blushes, bronzers, highlighters and contouring. I’ve been using it to contour and it works great because of its angled shape and even contours better than the 168 because it isn’t as fluffy or big allowing for a more precise application of product.

MAC 168 Brush (on left) and Essence of Beauty Blush Brush (on right)

My next favorite of the set is the powder brush, although I’ve been using it as a blush brush. The shape is very similar to the MAC 116 Blush Brush making it a great alternative. I love using it with pink blushes for a light pink flush on my cheeks. Because the brush is so dense it allows for effortless blending with just a few sweeps on the cheek.

The eyeshadow brush is just what it claims to be: an eyeshadow brush. It isn’t anything special but it does work great for packing shadow on the lids. It is  I don’t know about you, but I can always use an extra eyeshadow brush. I don’t always wash mine as frequently as I should so I’m always in need of a clean brush. And yes, this is my sad, pathetic reasoning for buying yet another eyeshadow brush. 

The last brush of the set is virtually useless to me. It says it is an eyeliner brush although it resembles more of a concealer brush. But in all actuality it doesn’t work for either purpose. It looks more like a cheap paint brush to me. I may use this for nail polish clean up, or toss it out. I haven’t decided yet. But like I said before, the other brushes make up for the lack of use with this one.

The set also comes with a black brush case, but it only holds four brushes, so it isn’t really useful to me. But it’s still a cute little case.

The duo eye crease brush set is only $5.49 and contains two crease brushes. One is about the same size as the MAC 219 Pencil brush and the other is even smaller with the same shape. The smaller one works great for applying a highlight color in the inner corner and even works well for lining the bottom lash line with shadows and smudging out liner. The brush similar to the 219 works well for a cut crease technique, inner corner highlight and smudging out liner. You really can’t beat the deal on the brushes. The only downside to them is their size; they have really short handles, especially compared to MAC brushes. Other than that, they’re excellent brushes.

From left to right: Essence of Beauty Large Crease Brush, Essence of Beauty Small Crease Brush and MAC 219 Brush.

Check out the Essence of Beauty brushes at your local CVS.