Baby, You’re A Firework

July 12, 2016
Fourth of July Red Stripe Off the Shoulder Dress

Fourth of July Red Stripe Off the shoulder DressFourth of July Red Stripe Off the shoulder DressFourth of July Red Stripe Off the Shoulder DressFourth of July Red Stripe Off the shoulder DressFourth of July Red Stripe Off the shoulder Dress

Everly Stripe Off the Shoulder Dress (top version)  •  B.P. Double Tusk Layer Necklace (one removed)  •  Gold Disc Necklace    Gold Stacked Rings    Mango Appliqué Leather Sandals (on sale!)  •  Ray-Ban Original Aviators  •  Sparklers

Did I really just quote a Kate Perry song? #guilty

For Fourth of July, Steven and I drove to Arkansas with Charlie in tow to stay at his sister’s cabin in Eureka Springs. It was such a cool town. And haunted! We actually did a ghost tour of the Crescent Hotel which is the second most haunted hotel in America! How they’re able to determine or prove which one is the most haunted is beyond me. But hey, it made for a fun activity.

It was so pretty in Eureka Springs. Everything was so lush and green and it was nice to get out of the city for a bit. The lake we ventured out to on Fourth of July was beautiful! It had been raining so there were waterfalls in certain areas. It was breathtaking. And the water – so incredibly warm, and clear! I hadn’t ever been in a lake where the water wasn’t muddy and brown. It was also misty and cloudy out which made for an awesome backdrop with the blue lake. It even started raining while we were out on the boat! It was almost surreal. An overall awesome experience.

For the Fourth of July night-time festivities, we busted out some serious fireworks. I, for one, am a nervous Nelly when it comes to fireworks. My fireman boyfriend, on the other hand, didn’t have a worry in the world – shooting off fireworks like you would see at a baseball game. I swear, guys and their pyro maniac problems.

I wore this comfy, off the shoulder stripe dress to partake in the firework fun – although I just stuck to sparklers. Ha! I’ve been wearing this dress a lot since I bought it. It’s so easy to just throw on and I love the beachy feel to it. It also comes in blue! I’ve been pairing it with my favorite sandals (currently 50% off!) and it’s quickly become my go-to look this summer. There’s also a similar version as a top, that to shamefully say, I’m considering purchasing. I just love the color and pattern combination!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! And don’t forget the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016 Early Access starts in two days!! Read all about the sale here.