Hair update: Bright Magenta!

April 30, 2010

After leaving my hair light brown for a couple of months I got pretty bored with it, so I decided to be brave and just go for a loud color.

And what did I pick? Magenta! It’s a super bright, fuchsia-like red and initially I wasn’t too happy with the outcome, but now I think I like it. It’s something different and I am always open to change when it comes to my hair.

I used two bottles of L’oreal Excellence HiColor HiLights in Magenta with L’oreal 30 Volume Oreor Creme Developer (all available at Sally’s Beauty Supply). And I only paid around $15. Not bad for a complete hair makeover. I dye my own hair because having only one part time job doesn’t leave me with a whole lot of money, so going to a salon to get it dyed just isn’t an option for me; too expensive.

The application was quick, but towards the last bits of my hair I had to hurry because the dye was starting to burn my scalp a little and I started to cringe. Peroxide overload for me I guess. Technically this dye is only meant to do highlights, not your entire head. So I left the dye on for about 10 minutes after I completely covered all my hair and then hopped in the shower to rinse it off. And unlike the Prava Vivids hair color that I dyed my hair with before, the magenta didn’t stain my white shower. So thankfully I didn’t have to bleach the tub once I was done.

The dye looks pretty vivid and bright on my scalp and along my hairline, but it did not cover up the black dye I’m still patiently growing out. (P.S. Don’t ever dye your hair black; you’ll never go back. Seriously.) So it looks like I have black low lights throughout, and surprisingly blends well with the magenta. Not so bad, I guess.