{Haul} Gone thriftin’!

November 21, 2010

Another one of my great loves is home design and beautiful furniture and decor. I have what I like to call “champagne taste on a beer budget” which makes it rather difficult to shop for home decor. I also love home decor that has character and a vintage feel to it. I guess I would call my taste eclectic since I have a love for vintage finds, but I also adore the simplicity (and price) of places such as Ikea.

The best way to search for truly unique items that have tons of character is thrift stores. I rarely go thrift store shopping since I used to dig through racks full of clothing and nothing ever called my name. I always walked away empty handed.

But I recently discovered that thrift stores are like treasure coves for great furniture and home decor. Sure it needs a little t.l.c., but there is always something that has great potential. And you can’t beat the prices. I felt like I was buying a pack of gum at one thrift store since I purchased a couple of items and it was under $2! It’s rather gratifying when you can score such great finds at such low prices. Now THIS is guilt-free shopping lol.

 On to the goodies…
How adorable are these little ice cream bowls? They were $0.38 each, plus 20% off! I’m using them to house my small earrings in one bowl and rings in the other.
I love the look of vintage colored glass vases. This green one really appealed to me and I love the bold color. It was only $0.99 and it works great with my pink dried roses.
I’m also always looking for great picture frames to display on tables and shelves. This black one was only $0.79 and the paint is slightly distressed giving it a great antique feel. It was perfect for my bedside table with a photo of me and a special someone 😉
I don’t know why, but I have a strange love for carafes. I think they are so chic and add a farm-like feel to the kitchen. I have been eyeing these from Crate & Barrel, but at $0.79 each, plus 20% off, these thrift store carafes are a much better bargain.
The highlight of my entire thrift store shopping day was this amazing find. The second I saw it, I knew I had to have it. I love the lines and the woodwork and I figured with a coat of white paint, this would be one very chic credenza. And to my lovely surprise, this beautiful piece of furniture was only $13.99!!!!!
I literally jumped for joy. I almost thought it was a typo, so I double checked with one of the employees only to confirm that no, I was not reading it wrong, it really is $13.99. UN-BE-LIEVABLE! I’m still in shock lol.
This piece is almost five feet long and isn’t what it appears to be. It’s actually a speaker cabinet. If you lift up the top hatch you will find a record player. And if you slide over the two end faces of the cabinet, speakers are exposed.
But as the VERY low price implies, the electrical parts no longer work. It was sold “as is.” Luckily, I really love this piece for it’s potential to be a beautiful credenza. So my plan is to completely gut the inside and remove all of the electrical wiring, speakers and the record player. This will allow for tons of storage space inside. Functional and chic!
I will be painting the entire piece white in hopes to get a similar look to this gorgeous credenza (minus the mirror fronts):
{Images via Room Service Store}
The piece above is called the “Hollywood Credenza” in white high gloss lacquer from Room Service, an online home furnishings store, and retails for $1,995! Plus another $495 for shipping!!!
May I remind you that I purchased mine for less than $14! That’s a whole lot better than two grand. Not a bad deal if you ask me. This will probably require a lot of work, but I’m up for the project and am very excited for the final outcome. I will be sure to share once the credenza is complete.
So stay tuned!
Have any of you had any great thrift store finds?