How To Wear Dresses In The Winter

December 9, 2017

levis sherpa denim trucker jackethow to wear dresses in the winterhow to wear dresses in the winterhow to wear dresses in the winterKnox Rose Dress (similar here + here) • Levi’s Jacket (also here)• H&M Boots (loving these) • Free People Bag (currently 25% off!)

Nothing makes me more sad than having to wear the same legging/sweater or jean/jacket combination over and over again in the winter. But who says you can’t get use out of your summer dresses once the temps drop? Here are a few tips on how to wear dresses in the winter.

Layer Up

Adding a warm layer is key to wearing a dress when it’s below 50 degrees. I love jackets that have an extra layer of warmth in them such as faux fur or shearling. This Levi’s sherpa lined trucker jacket is my absolute fave. I love that it adds a mountain-y element to anything I wear so it makes for the perfect juxtaposition when layered with a floral, feminine dress. I’ve also had my eye on this corduroy and faux shearling jacket. Screams cozy in the coolest way. You can also add a scarf like this soft, fringe style (currently 50% off!!) for extra warmth.

Sock It To Me

If you’re like me and always opt for the cheapest sock options, let me give you a word advice and recommend to invest in good, warm socks. Socks make all the difference for me. I finally caved and purchased a few pairs of these alpaca socks. If you live in colder climates, these socks are a must. I love that they aren’t too bulky to wear with booties and they don’t look ridiculous if leggings are stretch over them. I’m also a huge fan of these and these.

Cover Those Legs

My favorite trick to keep warm in the winter is to wear leggings or fleece-lined tights under dresses. No one will know, and you won’t freeze your ass off when it’s in the 20s outside. These are hands down my favorite leggings of all time and I love that they are thin enough to not look bulky, but thick enough to provide some warmth. Also the high waist doubles as tummy control for all your foodies like me. 😜 These fleece-lined tights are also the best and feel a little more comfortable under a dress and leggings for when it’s cold, but not freezing outside.

Boots Are Made For Walking

… and for warmth! Finding the right pair of boots is the key to warmth for any outfit. I don’t get a lot of use out of my taller boots anymore and mostly stick with booties or mid-calf boots. I just find them more comfortable. For the record, I hate the cold and bundling up is my least favorite feeling. Claustrophobic much? 🙄 So booties are the way to go. These combat boots have recently become a favorite and I’ve been wearing them almost daily. To be honest, I’ve pretty much been switching back and forth between these (a steal at $39!) and these (currently 30% off!!) every day and will probably continue doing so through the rest of winter. They both go with everything!

So there you have it. My easy formula on how to wear dresses in the winter. Jacket. Socks. Leggings. Boots. And don’t forget the dress! 😉 If you wear this combo, post it on Instagram and tag me in your pics! You can also use the hashtag #JMstyle.