Kabuki Brush Steal for under $6!

April 5, 2010

Forever 21 is now carrying various beauty and cosmetic products under their line Love & Beauty. But the standout product is definitely the Cosmetic Brush.

Image via Forever 21
This extremely large kabuki brush is surprisingly soft and gentle to use, not at all scratchy and rough like you would expect from a cheap product, especially from Forever 21 since their beauty products have been nothing but a big disappointment for me in the past. This brush works great for all over face powder and I have found that it applies MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural exceptionally better than any other powder brush. It’s incredibly dense so it easily picks up product. It washes well and the color never bled through deep cleanings. It did have a minimal amount of shedding but after a few washes the shedding stopped. And because the brush is so dense, it took almost a full 24 hours for the brush to completely dry after washing it. 
For size comparison: MAC 183 Kabuki Brush (on left) and Love & Beauty Cosmetic Brush (on right).

At only $5.80, it’s a deal I wouldn’t pass up. You can find the Love & Beauty Cosmetic Brush at any Forever 21 location near you or purchase it from the Forever 21 Website here.