The Hat I’ll Be Wearing All Summer

I’m a hat girl – through and through. I usually have one style that I stick with and wear to death. And I’ll be honest, my hat collection has really gotten out of hand. I think I might be up to 13 hats the last time I counted. But when I first laid eyes on the Lack of Color Teak Rancher hat, I was in love. After seeing it being worn countless times by Collage Vintage and The Salty Blonde, I was sold. It literally wears well with anything, not to mention the perfect solution for a bad hair day. Or in my case, usually a dirty hair day. Your girl hates washing her hair.

lack of color teak rancher hatWEARING: Floral Dress • Lack of Color Hat • Gold Rings • Lightning Bolt Earring • Tan Sandals

I opted for the light brown color to wear as a neutral and it truly does go with everything. I wear it so much I’m almost ready to splurge on the black one, but after taking another look at my hat collection, I think I’ll hold off. But seriously, this hat is worth every penny. If I could only buy one thing this entire year, it would hands down be this Lack of Color hat.

lack of color teak rancher hat

I’ll be heading to Palm Springs this weekend for one of my best friend’s thirtieth birthday and you better believe it’s coming with me. I tend to avoid traveling with hats because I’m always so afraid I’m going to bend them or get them dirty. I practically ruined my Brixton straw hat on my trip to Mexico City so I may be investing in a decent hat box like this one from CALPAK. Sturdy and pretty!

lack of color teak rancher hat

It’s been almost a year since I’ve been back to Palm Springs so I’m really looking forward to a weekend of desert, sun and pool time with good friends. Things have been a whirlwind lately and life has just been… interesting. So connecting with friends and a care-free weekend is exactly what I need to get my head back in the right place.

lack of color teak rancher hat

I picked up a couple of new pieces to wear on this trip that I’m pretty excited about. One being this crazy affordable crop top to pair with palazzo pants and midi linen skirts like this one. I found my packing list from my trip to Palm Springs two years ago and it’s surprisingly similar to this year. Clearly, I have a preference when it comes to desert style. Oh, and let’s not forget about #thatpinkdoor. I may have to make a stop there before heading out.

Feel free to shop the look below and check out more of my favorite hat picks! I know this Lack of Color hat is difficult to track down – it’s sold out almost everywhere! But check back – a lot of stores have been restocking periodically.


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  1. Stephanie wrote:

    Making me nostalgic for our Palm Springs trip!! Hope this one is exactly what you need for relaxation and restoration. Let’s get dinner when you get back so I can live vicariously through your travels.

    Posted 5.3.18 Reply


  • Gonna miss this place - our favorite morning routine 💔 It’s amazing how you can spend your entire time living somewhere wanting to be somewhere else, until your wish is finally granted and then you realize how much you really loved where you’ve been all along. .
Thank you to everyone who has treated us like family from the beginning. Y’all (yeah, I finally said it 😂) have quite literally opened up your hearts, homes and families to us and made us feel so welcome. Texas was far too kind to us and we will miss this place tremendously and everyone who made our experience unforgettable. ♥️
  • Magnolia Market adventures today ✌🏼🌿Really disappointed we didn’t see Chip and Joanna 😆 #wacotexas #magnoliamarket #texasadventures
  • Saying goodbye to my long locks today 😎 Peep my stories to see the chop 😜✂️
  • Ride or die since ‘93 👊🏼😎♥️
  • Flew all the way to London to get this shot 🙌🏼 Kidding. 😜 But it was the first place on my list of things to do 😆 And, yes, this is a bathroom 🚽 #sketchlondon #londonadventures
  • London mornings ✌🏼💀 Oh, and PSA: these leggings are legit. Best faux leather leggings I’ve ever worn. None of that cheap, unflattering, skintight liquid leggings crap 😝 Check em out here 👉🏼 #LTKunder100 #LTKstyletip #liketkit

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