Liberty of London is taking over the States!

March 16, 2010

The British label, Liberty of London, is in collaboration with both MAC and Target this month. I don’t know if it was planned to have the two companies simultaneously launch them the same month or not, but either way I was excited.

The MAC Give Me Liberty of London Collection had adorable packaging, but nothing extremely worth while in products. I wasn’t that impressed with the collection in general, but there were a few products that deserve some recognition.

I only purchased the Shell Pearl Beauty Powder and Petals and Peacocks Lipstick. I really love both of them, despite the fact that the lipstick can easily be duped.

Shell Pearl Beauty Powder is a gorgeous shimmery light pink powder that is very sheer in color and works as a great highlighter that doesn’t leave too much shimmer on the cheekbones. It looks beautiful paired with light pink blushes.

The Lipstick in Petals and Peacocks is a very bright magenta lip color and is the standout of the collection. However, once I brought this home and opened up the box I realized that this color looks very, VERY similar to Show Orchid Lipstick. The colors are almost identical (see the side-by-side comparison below). So if you already have the lipstick in Show Orchid (PRO and re-released with MAC Riveting Collection) then don’t bother getting Petals and Peacocks, unless you just want it for the cute packaging. So a little disappointing, but still a very pretty color.

From left to right: Petals and Peacocks Lipstick, Show Orchid Lipstick
From left to right: Shell Pearl Beauty Powder, Petals and Peacocks Lipstick