Loft Marled Shawl Cardigan

February 19, 2016

To say that this Loft marled shawl cardigan has been on heavy repeat would be a serious understatement. I walked into Loft on a whim while out Christmas shopping back in December and tried on a few things, only to be disappointed. Until I spotted this cardigan on a rack in the fitting room.

It was the only one left and just happened to be my size. I quickly tried it on in front of a mirror and saw a few people stop in their tracks. One woman asked, “Where is that sweater?” only to be disappointed when I told her it was the only one. It was so cozy, there wasn’t a fat chance in hell I was leaving it behind. And boy was it my lucky day, because it was on sale!

I literally haven’t stopped wearing this marled cardigan since I bought it that day. Seriously, I actually wore it around the apartment that night and even took it with me to Mexico later that week (see evidence here). And I might just be wearing it in bed right now while I write this blog post. It’s since sold out of most sizes but I found a few similar alternatives that are just as good linked below.

J.Crew Vintage Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt  •  Loft Marled Shawl Cardigan (similar here, here and here)  •  1822 Denim Butter Skinny Jeans (under $40!)  •  Mango High-Leg Suede Boots (on sale!) •  Jessica Burman SOAN Push Lock Bag (designer version here)  •  Ray-Ban Original Aviator


Photos by Stephanie Drenka.

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