LUSH Heavanilli Massage Bar leaves your skin begging for more

May 14, 2010

I recently decided to give the LUSH massage bar a try after hearing such good things about them. I went with the Heavanilli Massage Bar because it smelt amazing and I was drawn to the cute shape of of it; I’m a big fan of hearts. For the record, I’m becoming obsessed with LUSH. Their products are both amazing and addictive. You’ve been warned lol.

But as for the massage bar, it’s a fantastic moisturizer. The product is solid and is powered by the heat of your body. I use it two different ways: rubbing it in between my hands, then rubbing it wherever I want to moisturize; or I rub the bar directly on my body for extra moisturizing power and a bit of shine. The bar is packed with oils so it does tend to leave a bit of a heavy greasy feel, but it eventually gets absorbed into your skin leaving it extremely soft and moisturized. The oils in the bar tend to leave a shiny film on the skin, but this also wears off once it gets absorbed. I especially like this effect on my legs when I have a tan because it leaves my legs with a healthy glow (think Victoria’s Secret super model legs).

The Heavanilli massage bar is made with cocoa butter, Shea butter, extra virgin coconut oil, tonka bean, vanilla, jasmine and gardenia extract. It smells of delicious vanilla and while the bar itself may have a strong smell, it isn’t as overpowering once applied on the skin- just leaves a light scent of vanilla. It also lasts quite a long time, but I would suggest purchasing the massage bar tin to store it in so that the bar stays in tact, since it has a tendency to melt in warmer temperatures.

I am loving this massage bar and I can guarantee this won’t be my last. The Heavanilly Massage Bar is $9.95 and is available at all LUSH locations.