{Luxe for Less} Baubles and Jewels

August 10, 2011
What girl doesn’t love gorgeous jewelry? But let’s be realistic, not everyone can afford magnificent baubles like those featured on the left. Luckily, there are beautiful replicas and countless costume jewels to choose from such as those on the right. And with my love for jewelry, I may need to upgrade my jewelry box to the tall 7-drawer mirrored chest like the one above. Such a glamorous way to store my baubles. I love getting all dolled up and layering on the accessories, even when I have no place to go. Sometimes it’s the little things that make me smile.
Hayworth 7-Drawer Chest
{Items on left} 
1st Dibs 
{Items on right} 
Yellow and Crystal Flower Studs
Interlocking Circles Ring