MAC in Lillyland Cremeblend Blushes

February 7, 2010

I was a little late in getting around to buying the MAC in Lillyland Collection, but I finally decided to buy two of the Cremeblend Blushes because it is a new MAC product with a different formula from their Blushcremes, so I was a bit curious. Plus, they came in gorgeous colors. I ended up getting Florida, a bright fuchsia, and Joie-de-Vivre, a pretty pink coral. (As pictured from left to right below).

I’ve used both a few times and I am really liking them. They feel like a mousse and aren’t as creamy as the Blushcremes. This allows for a much more subtle and sheer color on the cheek. And they work as great lip colors too! Because of this, I’m so glad I got Florida because it looks fantastic on the lips; similar to Show Orchid Lipstick, but a little less intense.
I used the 188 brush, the 183 brush and the ELF Powder brush with these and they all work great. For a stronger and beautiful cheek color, I recommend using the 183. But for a more subtle color, use the 188 to apply and buff onto the cheek. This works especially well with Florida since it is such an intense color.

Here are the swatches for the two colors. (Joie-de-Vivre on left, Florida on right).

Have you tried the other Cremeblend Blush colors? Did you like the new formula? Leave a comment below!