MAC Spring Colour Forecast Collection Haul

February 4, 2010

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I got access to the new collection before the release date!!!! I was SO excited about this collection, not only because of the two brand new items they were debuting, but also all the amazing colors in this collection. The highlights of this collection are the new items: the Crush Metal Pigments and the Blush Ombres. Both are AMAZING new products that I am beyond thrilled about. I bought the Crush Metal Pigment Stacked 1! and Stacked 2!, the Blush Ombres in Ripe Peach and Azalea Blossom, Da Bling Eyeshadow (in pan form since it is a permanent color), Very Violet Eyeshadow (which I have already depotted), Cha Cha Lipglass, and Fresh Salmon and Rose Maiden Lipstick. Here is a pic of my haul today:

Here is the Azalea Blossom and Ripe Peach Blush Ombres. The finish of these are spectacular, with just enough color payoff without being overbearing. And while it looks like two colors combined, when you swirl your brush over it, you get one beautiful color that looks lovely on the cheek. And these babies are HUGE! They are the same size as a pressed powder, much bigger than the powder blushes.

Here are the two blushes swatched. From left to right: Azalea Blossom, Ripe Peach.

The Crush Metal Pigments Stacked 1! and Stacked 2! can all be placed into one tall stack, however they come packaged as two separate stacks of two pigments. Stacked 1! has two pink shades and two purple shades. Stacked 2! has two gold shades and two greenish/gold shades. The formula is a mix between Solar Bits and Kitchmas Pigments and they are supposed to have a new “stick” formula to help adhere the pigment to the skin. They are really stunning colors and have a lot of shimmer in them. The packaging is similar to the MAC stackable travel jars and is completely different than any other packaging of product put out by MAC. Here is a pic of the stacks in stacks of two and the pic below are swatches of all the pigments without a base.

Here is a swatch of the lip products from left to right: Cha Cha Lipglass (which is a beautiful every day coral color), Rose Maiden Lipstick (a soft reddish color with sheen), and Fresh Salmon (a great frosty coral color).