MAC To the Beach Collection Haul

May 29, 2010
Ok, so I did make my first YouTube video on my To the Beach haul, but after 3 attempts of downloading, I give up. It’s taking like 3 hours to download, and the first time my video was too long, then it didn’t take the file size and then when I thought I finally had it perfect, and two and a half hours in to downloading, the Internet got disconnected on my computer so the download failed. Ahhh!!! I was getting so frustrated!

I actually pre-saled the To the Beach Collection about a week and a half ago, so I have been eagerly waiting to pick up my goodies (you can’t take it home until the release date). So I finally picked everything on the 27th. So here is my To the Beach haul. Better late than never right? Oh, and I’m giving the download on YouTube one last try, so if it actually works *keeping my fingers crossed* I’ll put it in a follow-up post.


MAC To the Beach Collection Haul

-Product Photos and Swatches-
Lipglass in Flurry of Fun
Flurry of Fun
Lip Pencil in Life’s A Breeze and Temperature Rising
Life’s A Breeze
Temperature Rising
Temperature Rising (on left) and Life’s A Breeze (on right)

Eye Kohl in Float on By and Rosemary & Thyme
Float On By
Rosemary & Thyme
Float on By (on left) and Rosemary & Thyme (on right)
Eyeshadow in Firecracker, Sweet & Punchy, Shimmermoss and Humid

Firecracker (on left) and Sweet & Punchy (on right)


Sweet & Punchy
Sweet & Punchy (on left) and Firecracker (on right)
Humid (on left) and Shimmermoss (on right)

Shimmermoss (on left) and Humid (on right)
Lustre Drops in Sun Rush and Pink Rebel
Sun Rush (on left) and Pink Rebel (on right)
On left: Sun Rush (not blended), Sun Rush (blended out)
On right: Pink Rebel (not blended), Pink Rebel (blended out)
Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden
Refined Golden
Creme Bronzer in Beach Bronze
Beach Bronze swatched (on left) and blended out (on right)
High-Light Powder in Marine Life
All colors swatched (on left), Coral swatched (middle) and Light Pink swatched (on right)
131 Duo Fibre Powder/ Blush Brush 
I may have wait until pay day (a whole week- boo!) to get the two blushes, Hipness and Get Away Bronze, the 130 Brush and maybe Splashing Lipglass. But we’ll see if any of it is even left! The collection is selling out so fast!
Did you guys get anything from the To the Beach Collection?
Anything you’re absolutely loving so far?