MAC’s new foundation is full of hydration

March 16, 2010

MAC released a new foundation about a month ago, Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation, and this baby is super hydrating!

Here’s what the product description claims on the MAC Website:

“A rich, luxurious compact foundation offering a creamy application for a flawless, medium-buildable, naturally revitalized, fully dimensional finish. Lightweight and silky to apply. Good for all skin types; particularly benefits dull and/or dry complexions. Provides super-hydrated, high-comfort wear and everyday SPF 15 sun protection.”

I got the foundation in NC25 and I have been wearing it every day for two weeks and I am loving it. It is super creamy and blends beautifully. I tend to have very dry skin so this formula works great for me because it doesn’t dry me out. The coolest thing about this foundation is that it is made up of 70 % water! That’s pretty remarkable and will do wonders for any skin type. It doesn’t go on cakey and it gives skin a great dewey glow. Plus, it comes in a compact making it convenient for touch ups on the go.

I’ve been using it with the MAC 187 brush and it works great when stippled on and then lightly blended out.

The foundation was released with a new brush, the 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush, but I decided to pass on getting it since it is ridiculously priced at $38 and is extremely small. I don’t have the patience to use that small of a brush for foundation since it takes much more time to cover the entire face with and I usually get ready in a hurry. So this was a no-go for me. Although I hear it works wonders in blending out foundation and is able to get in every corner and hard to reach spots on the face. This gives much better results than if done with a bigger brush.

Have you tried the Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation yet? Or maybe the new 130 Brush? Share in a comment below!

  • volleyballerr9
    March 16, 2010 at 5:07 PM

    Ok i have really sensitive skin & every compact ive tried i break i never break out other wise. is this like really good for super sensitive skin too? cuz this seems awesome