Natural Skincare without Department Store Prices

January 22, 2016

This post is sponsored by Target.

I take my skin-care very seriously. The closer I get to 30, the more I realize the importance of caring for my skin and using products that are actually effective and not filled with chemicals. Just like we watch what we eat, it’s also important to watch what ingredients we put on our skin. But finding high-quality natural skin-care products at lower price points can be difficult.

Luckily, Target now carries a wide variety of natural skin-care lines that offers something for every skin type. Thanks to Target’s Beauty Concierge, I was able to find several skin-care products for both face and body that are not only good for my skin, but also smell incredible!

I like to keep my facial skin-care routine as simple as possible. So the fewer products I have to use, the better. The Weleda Skin Food has been my go-to for a morning and nighttime moisturizer. I like that this one has enough potency to nourish my skin at night, but is still light enough to wear in the daytime under foundation. For makeup removal, I’ve started getting more on board with cleansing oils. I like that they gently remove makeup without having to tug and rub my skin too much. Gotta prevent those wrinkles! This Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil is 100% natural and removes makeup with very little product. And my latest lifesaver? The Alba Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes. This baby is good. The product has a cooling effect that wakes me up in the morning and makes me look like I had a full night’s sleep. Trust me, I usually don’t. Which is why I call this my little miracle worker. It really does make you look awake in the morning!

One thing I hate when it comes to moisturizers and body wash is that I can never find ones with the same smells! I hate showering in one scent and then slapping on another. So I love that Shea Moisture offers coordinating body wash and lotion products with the same scent. The coconut and hibiscus has been a favorite lately, and it’s perfect for the winter! Both the body wash and lotion brighten and tone the skin to give your entire body a subtle glow. OK, so you won’t actually glow. But it certainly will make your skin look healthier. And what more can you ask for in the winter?

Stop by your local Target to speak with a Beauty Concierge representative to find natural skin-care products that work for you!

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