Nerd Love: Filofax Metropol

February 9, 2011

For all you organizational nerds out there, feast your eyes on the amazing daily planner/organization extraordinaire: the Filofax Metropol.

I made this new discovery after reading Gala Darling’s post, “A Filofax Love Affair!.” I knew I had to have one.

I’m one of those crazy people who makes a list for everything. Whether it be a shopping list, things to do, bills to pay or things to look up and research, I never go anywhere without a pen and notepad. I used to carry around two mini composition notebooks that I labeled with mini Post-its to categorize each list. NERD! I know. But its a practice and a habit that I’ve been doing for years.

But, carrying several notebooks, a VERY heavy wallet stuffed with receipts and coupons, pens and more, my handbags were getting ridiculously heavy. I was carrying way too many things around with me and it was always impossible to find anything when I needed it.

My solution? The Metropol Filofax. This baby carries and organizes everything, and I love it! I’ve become a much more organized person and I’ve been finding things much easier than if it were just thrown into my enormous handbags.

I purchased the personal size Metropol in Raspberry. I loved the bright punch of color; instant smile (it’s the little things). The planner is the perfect size at  5 1/4″ x 7 1/4″ and is made with a leather-like vinyl. It  has six rings that hold everything in place making it much easier to flip through everything, unlike normal planners that are designed more like a book so you have to hold down the page to keep it from closing (I hate that!).

 Two loops for pens 
6 Vertical cutouts to hold credit cards 
Large pocket behind the slots 
Large mesh pocket on the inside back of the planner
 Full year of week on two pages diary  
To-Do Lists
 Plastic page marker that says “Today” and also doubles as a 6″ ruler 
Clear top open envelope
 Dividers with labels that number 1-6
 Address sheets with A-Z dividers
 Colored lined paper
 Tablet of white lined paper 
City and world maps 
Lists of holidays

This planner has everything!
Here’s a peek at how I organize mine:

Debit card, Driver’s License, old College ID for Student Discounts (ha!), AAA Card, Disneyland Pass and badge for work. The clear envelope on the right holds cash, Ulta Rewards Card and coupons.

To-Do List sheets that I have yet to fill in.
Start of the 2 page per week planner and the page marker/ruler.
I made by own labels for the dividers using a P-Touch Label Maker. I used the smallest type then cut the labels to size to fit on the dividers perfectly. Behind each divider is lined paper for all my listing needs. 

Blog is for any blog ideas or posts. Shopping is a list of things I need to buy or want to buy. Projects is for listing craft ideas and the supplies I’ll need so if I stop by a craft store I always have the lists handy and I’ll know what I need to get. Research is for things I hear about that I want to find more information on or just google. I also list song names I want to download or blogs/Websites to look up. Beauty is for lists of products I want to try or test out. It’s a VERY long list that I categorize by drugstore and high-end. The last divider is still labeled “6” since I have no use for it yet. Once I come up with another idea I’ll make a new label for it.
A view of my high-end beauty products to try list.
Address sheets which I have yet to fill in. I hope to get all of my friends’ and family’s addresses and information in here so I can start sending cards for holidays or thank you notes.
Ruled tablet which I use as refill paper to put in between the dividers or jot down quick notes when need be.
Behind the tablet is the mesh pocket which I am currently using to hold my checkbook.
Since purchasing the Metropol, I’ve completely eliminated my wallet as I now store everything in this planner. I love it!!! 
Filofax also offers tons of accessories for the personal planners. 
Here is a list of things I hope to soon add to my Metropol:
For rewards cards, insurance cards and other credit cards

A better solution to storing cash and small change since it zips shut.

A map of Los Angeles. I have a terrible sense of direction and therefore get lost easily.

A better solution to store my checkbook. Makes for easier access.
A mirror! Perfect for on the go touch ups throughout the day.
I’ve been researching more on this planner and apparently they have outfit planning inserts and sheets??!!! I’ve only been able to find them on the UK site, but I’m hoping I can find another retailer or eBay store that sells them in the US. 
All in all, this planner is wonderful and although not entirely necessary, it is a fun alternative to boring everyday planners. I find this one keeps me much more organized, helps eliminate a ton of stuff being thrown in my purse, and I can easily find everything I ever need. I purchased mine about a month ago for $34, however Filofax just recently had a price increase and the Metropol went up to $39. Although still not a bad deal in my opinion. And they sell the annual diary pages separately so I can update every year without having to buy a whole new planner. They also sell refills on the address sheets, to do lists and lined paper. 
I have a feeling this planner will be keeping me organized for years to come. 
You can purchase the Filofax Metropol here.
  • afh163
    August 25, 2012 at 11:37 PM

    This is a random post since your blog post was from 2011, but I just got a Metropol and had some questions. I noticed that the pen holders seem to be two different sizes. The one on the front cover holds nornal pens while the second on back cover is tighter and can only hold something very narrow. Trying to figure out if that's standard or if mine has issues. The other thing is the black page marker/ruler. Wherever I place it in the planner, it jams up the pages and I can't turn them smoothly. Again, maybe just my set, but I wasn't sure I I should contact Filofax. Thanks for any help!

  • rach;D
    May 18, 2011 at 9:26 PM

    this is so great!! i was doing reasearch on the filofax myself to see if it was worth the purchase. i have been using a journal to make all of my incessant lists ;D. it is starting to fall apart. your post has definately convinced me that i MUST have a metropol! lol thanks for all the great info!!

  • Spider Girl (Ana M.)
    February 10, 2011 at 1:38 AM

    Simply impressed by how to organize things! Now I'm tempted to get myself one!

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