New Year, A New You: Getting Organized

January 9, 2014
My biggest goal this year is to get myself organized. I work a full time job, I’m in a relationship, working on (fingers crossed!) adopting a dog, keeping a tidy apartment, trying to commit to a Paleo lifestyle and I am trying to stay dedicated to this blog. It seems as though there are never enough hours in the day and I struggle to stay on track. It’s obviously time I get more organized to ensure I finish everything I aim to do. 
So the best way to stay organized? A day planner!
{Sugar Paper Los Angeles – Target}

{The Simplified Planner – Emily Ley}

{The Day Designer – Whitney English}

{Martha Stewart Home Office Planning Calendar – Staples}
These are my top picks for 2014 planners. I had the 2013 Martha Stewart Planning Calendar and I loved it, but I was looking for something new this year so I ended up opting for the Sugar Paper Los Angeles Day Planner in pink and I have to admit I love it!!! I’ve already stocked up on some washi tape to better organize my schedule. 
What’s your secret weapon to stay organized?