O.C. Swapmeet Makeup Haul

April 13, 2010

Who knew that the Orange County Swapmeet would have so many great makeup deals? I made out pretty well when I went this past Sunday and I was thrilled with my finds. Here is the a little look at all the goodies I got:

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils- $2.50 each
If you’ve read my previous post on the NYX Jumbo Pencils, then you know how much I love these. They are my all time favorite eyeshadow bases and I use them almost daily. I’m on a mission to get them all, but when they retail for $4 each it can get a bit pricey. So when I found them for only $2.50 each at the swapmeet I was ecstatic. I’m definitely going back for more. I ended up getting five of them and even found some colors I couldn’t find in stores. I bought Slate, Iced Mocha, Orange, Yellow, and Cottage Cheese (a frosty white color-great as a highlighter). I’m most excited about Slate, a beautiful frosty charcoal (you’ll see why in the swatch pic below).
Swatched from left to right: Slate, Iced Mocha, Orange, Yellow, and Cottage Cheese
Revlon Color Stay Lip Liner- $2.99
I have been dying to buy one of the Color Stay lip liners, but MAN they are expensive, well for a drugstore brand that is. I can’t bring myself to pay $8 for one of these. But they really are the ultimate lipliners and are miracle workers when it comes to long lasting color. I was pretty excited when I found the color Rouge, the matte red shade, which is the one I had been wanting to buy. And for only $2.99? Not a bad deal if you ask me. I might get other colors when I go back, maybe a nude color.
NYX Lipliner Pencil- $1
I’ve been wanting to get a few of the NYX Lipliner Pencils since they retail for a fairly inexpensive price at $3.50. But for some reason I just haven’t gotten around to it. So when I found them at the swapmeet for only a buck, I thought why not give it a go. I ended up getting the color Natural since surprisingly I don’t own any neutral lip liners. Not a “wow” deal, but still worth buying. 
Swatched from left to right: Revlon Color Stay Lip Liner in Rouge and NYX Lipliner Pencil in Natural
Bra Clip Perfect- $3
Although this is clearly a knock off of the “As Seen on TV” version of Strap Perfect, but it’s essentially the exact same thing. I saw this in a bin for $3 and just thought I would give them a try since I’ve heard great things about them (they really do give you an amazing lift, I don’t know about making you a whole cup size bigger like it claims, but close enough). They are really easy to use and I find them useful for tank tops and awkwardly cut tops. Perfect for summer coming up.
Bra Clip Perfect Demonstration (since I’m not posting a pic of myself in a bra. Sorry lol)
China Glaze Nail Polish-$4
The last thing I got was a China Glaze Nail Polish in Lemon Fizz from the latest Up & Away Collection. This color has been on my wishlist since it came out so I was pretty excited to find it. It’s a beautiful creamy pastel yellow. And it was only $4. Not bad since they usually retail for $6.50.

So all in all it was a pretty good trip. And I only spent about $22! Not bad. So if you live in Southern California or in the Orange Country area, check out the Orange County Swapmeet (click on the link for more info). It’s fun and worth the trip. You will be surprised at how many good deals there are.