Off The Shoulder Sweater

January 31, 2017
off the shoulder sweater

off the shoulder sweateroff the shoulder sweateroff the shoulder sweater off the shoulder sweateroff the shoulder sweater off the shoulder sweater Photos by Dallastyle 

Boohoo Sweater // Free People Jeans // Mango Boots (similar here) // Super Sunglasses // BaubleBar Choker

Can we talk about why an off the shoulder sweater is literally the most comfortable thing in the world to wear? I live in these things. I stock up whenever Boohoo has a sale or if I’m at Forever 21 and just go up a size or two to be able to wear it as a slouchier style and pull it off the shoulder. This one is a favorite but I’ve also been living in this one (in multiple colors, of course). I love pairing them with jeans and boots, but love them even more in spring and summer when I can pair them with cutoffs. Just a few more months!!

How was everyone’s weekend? I know I haven’t been posting very consistently. Wow, what a great start to the year, right? I’ve been trying to focus more time on video content which I’m extremely excited to be doing more of. And hey, it’s taken me a while, but I’m finally getting the hang of it. I just filmed a full swatch video for the all of my favorite shades from the new Sephora Cream Lip Stain Collection (obsessed!), which I’ll hopefully be posting soon. Also, be on the lookout for a January favorites video this week!

Steven and I had a very adult (aka boring) weekend and took care of a whole bunch of things that we’ve been putting off. Like laundry (kill me 🙄). I hate doing laundry, but mostly because it usually requires a scavenger hunt for extra hangers that are nearly impossible to come across in our apartment. I finally picked up more of these so I could get some more laundry done. Yes, I’m a psycho and hang dry almost everything. Also, our pretty, new laundry hamper helps. It’s the little things.

Oh! And we finally finished putting together our new mid-century tv stand. Woohoo! It’s been 5 months in the making, but it’s finally all put together. This was a very Ikea-esque, DIY piece of furniture but totally worth the price ($200!). Now we just need this lamp I’ve been swooning over, an artificial plant (I’ve officially killed most of our live plants), and the perfect mirror. Because you know… blogger problems.

We made a long overdue trip to Costco (I told you, exciting stuff here) and I finally picked up one of these! After debating on purchasing one for the last several years, I finally splurged one one. I decided to go with this one (instead of this) because it doesn’t require a cartridge like most at-home lasers do. I’m terrible at buying after purchase items – like Brita filters. It’s a lost cause. I plan on trying it out this week so I’ll keep you guys posted on how I like it!

Steven and I also had a little date night on Friday and finally went to Americano for some delicious Italian food. So, so good. Like, food coma good . Seriously, we passed  out as soon as we got home 🙈 lol. Ugh, we’re getting old.

What did you do this weekend?