On My Radar Fridays Vol. 1

February 24, 2017

Lush Tee  •  Madewell Cardigan  •  AMO Jeans  •  Gucci Loafers (dupe here)  •  Forever 21 Belt

Oh hey new series, hey! Ok, so I’m going to make an attempt to start a new series on the blog covering everything on my radar from the week. From beauty products I’m dying to try, to random internet finds. I’m here to share it all. So grab a cup of coffee (or vodka… I don’t judge) and let’s get to it. Here’s what’s on my radar this week.

HAIR N’ STUFF…  After falling in love with my T3 Single Pass Luxe Straightening Iron, I finally caved and purchased the T3 Twirl 1.25″ Curling Iron. After getting my hair cut recently, my smaller curling wand just wasn’t creating the loose, effortless waves I wanted. But the T3 Twist iron is the perfect barrel size for beachy waves. I’ve also been loving the AG Hair Dry Wax to tousle and mess up my waves a bit. Is this not the most beautiful packaging you’ve ever seen?! It’s surprisingly the best hair texturizing spray I’ve ever used. Obsessed.

THE SUN WILL COME OUT…  With spring just around the corner (or practically already here in Dallas), it’s time to show some leg. But good god am I pale right now. So thankfully this stuff saved the day. Not only is it the perfect dupe for this pricier option, but it’s only$12. It’s the best! Pretty much the only self tanner I use nowadays.

GLOW BABY, GLOW…  I recently came across this shimmering dry oil and I am dying to try it out. African Botanics makes incredible skincare products and I’ve been wanting to try everything from their line, but the dry oil really caught my attention. I may actually splurge on this travel set so I can take it on any upcoming trips. Oh! And this little product has become a new every day favorite. I add a few drops to my daily moisturizer for a hint of bronzed color on my face. Hello (faux) sun kissed skin!

SALE SALE SALE…  The Nordstrom Winter Clearance Sale is still going on and there are some seriously good finds up to 40% off. I bought this light weight Free People thermal in white and black because it’s so comfy to wear with jeans and sandals. California style at it’s finest. I’m obsessed with how soft this sweater is and love it for chillier nights paired with denim cut-offs and booties. Although not the most glamorous undergarment, these are the best to wear under dresses (short or long) for a seamless look. Also obsessed with this varsity jacket to wear with shorts and Chucks.

VACATION MODE…  Is it just me, or does this time of year make you want to be anywhere other than where you are now? I am dreaming of a tropical vacation where the sun is shining and the ocean is glistening. Mostly so I can start wearing this gorgeous dress with these sandals and this bag. And how perfect is this jumpsuit? Give me a sun hat with these earrings and I am good to go for vacation. Oh, and this $15 one piece?! Sold.

AROUND THE WEB…  Have you been watching the live video stream of April, the giraffe?? The This Is Us cast made a video apologizing to viewers… for making them cry. Also, this. Ugh, that show is so good. I also can’t stop laughing at this.

Have a great weekend!