Out with the old and in with the new!

March 9, 2010

I have to admit, I have been quite the lazy gal for the past…oh, I don’t know…4 or 5 years! By laziness I mean the lack of self-care. I don’t take care of myself like I should, regardless of the fact that I spend hundreds of dollars on clothing and makeup each year. I’m not focusing on the things that should be taken care of. We’re talking health, hygiene and straight up self respect (physcially, that is). So as a way to break my old lazy habits and welcome the new me, I started my self-rejuvinating plan today. Here is the breakdown of ways I plan to take better care of myself to better my health and overall being.

Caution: Body Work Ahead!
I used to dance in high school, so I was in fairly good shape at the time, but ever since I moved on (5 years ago!) I haven’t done any type of major physical activity. Yup, that’s right. I have managed to stay at or under 100 pounds without any sort of excersing (I’m not proud of this in any way, it just happens to be somewhat remarkable seeing as I was 96 pounds in high school and my weight has not fluctuated much, despite the extreme change in lifestyle). I don’t do gyms; I get shy and awkward and don’t really appreciate being looked at while I try and get my butt into shape (literally! lol). I’m not much of a runner, and never was. So it was time I find someway to excercise on my own so I can stay in shape and build some sort of muscle (just because I only weigh 100 pounds does not mean I am in shape).

About a year ago I had found this 2-DVD Kathy Kaehler Workout set in the dollar section at Target and had only watched it once (yes I said watched, as I did no such excercise with it lol). But today, that all changed. I finally kicked my lazy butt into gear and decided to give myself a good workout, well with the help of Kathy Kaehler that is.

And to my surprise, it wasn’t that bad! I mean sure some of the workouts were tough, but I managed to successfully get through all six 10-minute routines. That’s one full hour of excercising non-stop! I was rather proud of myself and plan on continuing this exercise regimen several times a week so that I can finally be healthy and fit. Victoria Secret model body here I come! (Ok, so not quite lol).

Water is my friend 
I have serious chronic dryness…EVERYWHERE. I constantly have dry, chapped lips that even a multitude of layers of Blistex won’t seem to fix. I always have dry, cracking cuticles even after using cuticle oil every night, and finally my scalp is always dry and itchy which means I generally have the dreaded dandruff (yuck!)- and for the record, Head and Shoulders is a useless shampoo. I also suffer from a very dry, dull complexion that can sometimes leave my makeup look cakey, even when using a minimum amount of product. It seemed that even the thickest facial moisturizers couldn’t help heal my patchy dry skin.

So if you put all these problems together and look for the answer to help solve them all, the one thing that fits the criteria is a lack of water. I’m dehydrated, plain and simple. I have a tendency to go days without drinking any water. Sure I drink liquids such as milk, juice or soda (which I fully plan on cutting out), but rarely do I drink water. And water is the key antidote to all of my symptoms. So, every day I am now FORCING myself to drink at least three full water bottles a day. Let’s hope this cures my dry skin and cracked lips dilemma for good.

You are what you eat 
It’s true. I will admit. If you eat unhealthy useless (but oh, so delicious) foods, your body will turn to the same. I have a very, VERY bad habit of gorging on fast food. I mean we’re talking McDonalds at least three times a week and meals from other fast food places on top of that (now you see why it’s a miracle I managed to stay at such a low weight?) And although my body has managed to stay at a relatively decent weight (a little low in my opinion), my body seriously began to change. I lost any leanness I had to me and became, well…squishy. I grew a belly which I never had before and I realized I couldn’t even fit the same pants size as I did before, yet my weight still managed to stay the same. What happened was, the muscles I had from when I was in dance had slowly began to disappear and I was no longer toned. I “softened” up, and not in a good way.

Now, as I am getting older, and I am sure my metabolism will be slowing down soon, I need to start eating better and taking care of myself. Yes, it starts with excercise and drinking water, but diet is the ultimate deal breaker. What’s the point of getting yourself into shape if you’re just putting “fat” back into your body? I have taken a vow to significantly limit fast food, or overly greasy foods for that matter, to one to two times a month and eating leaner foods with more nutrients in them. This means no more pizza every other night or McDonalds, ever. Also, I am cutting out soda, Ben & Jerry’s (I’m sticking to sherbert), and my sunflower seed intake- it’s a serious problem that I’m working on. 

Breathmint? Yes please!
So this may be kind of a gross, but truthful thing to say to the public, but here it goes anyway. I only brush my teeth once a day (in the morning) and I don’t do a great job, usually because I’m rushing out the door to get to work or wherever it is I’m headed for the day. Gross, I know. And at night, when I do have time to spend a full two minutes cleansing my not-so pearly whites and flossing with a rinse of mouthwash, I opt not to and simply stay comfortable in my warm, cozy bed. Bad, very very bad! My dentist would faint if he read this. And because of my negligent attitude towards my teeth, the color has turned to a dull, yellowy tone when they should be sparkling white (or at least I would like them to be).

Who likes yellow teeth and bad breath? Ew. No one. I am taking a stand against my own digusting lack of oral hygiene. I purchased Crest Whitening Toothpaste and Whitening Rinse along with several packs of floss (so I have one wherever I am) with high hopes of taking better care of my teeth. And more than once a day, I swear. Not just for me, but for those poor people around me who have to be near my disgusting mouth.

So there you have it. My new take-care of myself regimen. To a new me! I hope this post inspires others to take better care of themselves as well and to join me in starting a new healthy routine to feel good and look great.