{Review} Essence of Beauty Control Powder and Kabuki Brush

October 21, 2010

I’m starting to really love the Essence of Beauty brush collection at CVS/pharmacy. They are excellent quality and incredibly affordable. I have yet to be disappointed and the two brushes I’ve recently added to my collection definitely did not fall short of my expectations.

The Essence of Beauty Control Powder Brush, available for $9.99, is an angled powder brush and is very dense. It makes the perfect contouring brush because of its slanted shape and when used lightly, does a great job at blending out the powder. However, because it is so dense, you have to use a light hand, otherwise you’re liable to smudge your foundation leaving you looking patchy. It isn’t very fluffy so exact color placement, such as contouring in the hollows of your cheeks, works best or using it to lightly dab color where needed on the cheeks also works pretty well. I prefer to use a fluffier brush such as the MAC 168 or the Essence of Beauty angled brush (they are almost identical) to blend out any harsh lines or to soften the color after using the control powder brush. 
It also works great to apply highlight above the cheekbones or even to apply bronzer to contour the face. Overall, this is a pretty versatile brush and is worth adding to your collection. I noticed it is no longer on the CVS Website, however they may still have some available in store. But I would move quick because I believe it has been discontinued.

I also purchased the Essence of Beauty Kabuki Face Brush for $9.99. Not that I needed another kabuki brush- this is officially my fifth one- but I heard great things about this brush so I figured I’d give it a go. And although it looks like it would be rather scratchy in the packaging, it’s actually incredibly soft. I love using it with my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural or MAC Blot Powder to set my foundation. 

If you’re looking for a great kabuki brush, but don’t want to pay a lot of money for one, give this one a try. It does shed quite a bit, but after washing it once or twice the shedding wasn’t as frequent. Overall it’s a good quality kabuki brush at only a fraction of the price of most other kabuki brushes. Plus, the little rhinestones on the handle are a cute touch.
Check out the Essence of Beauty brush collection at CVS/pharmacy online or click here to find a CVS closest to you. 
  • Taj Acosta
    October 21, 2010 at 2:49 PM

    I've been wondering about this brand and I'm so glad you did a review! Love the kabuki! The handle is so glam! xoxo