Sephora’s Stippling Brush falls short of expectations

April 23, 2010

I purchased the Sephora Professional Platinum Stippling Brush #44 last summer and up until now it has served its purpose pretty well. I would even go as far as saying it was comparable to the MAC 187 Duo Fibre Stippling Brush (which is hands down the best stippling brush I have come across). The Sephora Stippling Brush has fluffy, tall bristles that made stippling and blending foundation easy and effortless. It used to be my go-to foundation brush.

MAC 187 (on bottom) and Sephora #44 (on top)

I took great care of it and deep cleaned it once or twice a week, as I do with my MAC brushes. But I noticed within the last couple of weeks that my foundation was no longer going on smoothly and the brush brsitles were clumping together, shedding more than usual and not really performing as well as it had before. So I gave it a deep cleaning last week to try and get it in better shape and wouldn’t you know it, the brush practically fell apart on me! Alright slight, dramatization, but it actually started deteriorating a little bit, when in reality, it shouldn’t. Especially at a $35 price tag.

When I washed the brush the dye started to bleed and turned the white bristles a greenish color! I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed with MAC Brush Cleasner to try and rid of the color, but it still left a green tint to the bristles. And it continulously shed.

MAC 187 (on left) and Sephora #44 (on right)

I was a little disappointed to find one of my favorite brushes get ruined. It will still work and this incident probably won’t effect it’s ability to perform as well as it did before, but it is still a major disappointment. Sephora’s Stippling Brush definitely fell short of my expectations.

So I would be cautious if you were thinking of buying this brush. And to be honest, I would just spend a little more money and purchase the MAC 187. You won’t regret buying that brush, that’s for sure.