Shoe Wishlist: The Classics

February 6, 2013
There are some shoes that just never go out of style and these 6 picks are my absolute favorites that I have been lusting over. Each of these styles should be in every modern woman’s wardrobe and they don’t necessarily have to be brand name, just these simple classic styles are a must. 
High heel booties: Incredibly versatile and can be worn with tights or alone and works for fall or winter. It adds a chic, yet playful spin on any outfit. This pair by Steve Madden is similar to a Christian Louboutin style but a lot more affordable.
Tory Burch flats: A staple. While a more wallet-friendly option is always a good choice, there is just something about these simple ballet flats with the big metal Tory Burch logo that I adore- and you can never go wrong with black. 
High Heel Sandals: Perfect for spring, summer and fall. Pair them with a dress, jeans, leggings or a skirt and it will always look chic. Loving this pair by Steve Madden.
Hunter Boots: Been on my wish list for a long time and for some reason I haven’t brought myself to just purchase them. Sure there are several other cheaper alternatives on the market, but the Hunter boots really are a timeless staple. The most stylish rain boot you will ever come across. 
Tory Burch Thong Sandals: I have always loved these sandals and just like the flats, there is something about the Tory Burch logo that adds an extra flair to any pair of shoes. Every woman should own a chic pair of sandals, not those rubber flip flops.
Leopard Pointed Flats: With the right color or pattern/print of course, leopard pointed flats always look effortlessly chic. You can pair them with jeans or a dress and you’ll always look pulled together. I love this leopard print pair by Steve Madden for an extra oomph of style, the perfect way to dress up a pair of jeans during the day.

What’s on your classic shoe wish list?