Skintastic: The Best Decision I Ever Made…

April 23, 2015
Laser hair removal is a process I’ve always wanted to do but never had the guts to go for it. Being Hispanic and of middle eastern decent, I have a lot of unwanted dark hair. It’s been a lifelong struggle for as long as I can remember. I starting shaving at a very young age because I hated body hair. Some women can get away with having it, I simply cannot. It’s dark, thick and just… unsightly *queue the screams*. 
I always found excuses not to have laser hair removal, mostly because I feared how painful it would be. I have a very low tolerance for pain. It’s true, I’m a big baby. I fear needles – just the sight of them gets me light headed – and I don’t do well under uncomfortable or painful situations, so just the thought of a “painful” laser to remove my hair made it seem like an unlikely option for me.
Skintastic, a cosmetic surgery and laser skincare center in Dallas and Plano, reached out to me to try out their new cosmetic beauty membership, Skincentives, for 90 days. I thought it over for a bit, and cautiously responded back that I would try out laser hair removal.  


Laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure using beams of highly concentrated light to penetrate hair follicles causing the hair bulb to essentially die and fall out. Laser lights are attracted to the pigment in the hair root follicles causing them to overheat and die.

And while this procedure sounds scary, I assure you it was anything but. I walked in rather nervous, and was greeted by Karen who I immediately connected with. Before I even get into the review, let me just tell you… she is phenomenal. Skincentives has a very cool, retro LA vibe. Not at all what you’d expect to find in the heart of Uptown Dallas, so I was pleasantly surprised. Fun fact: Skintastic has performed over 650,00 laser hair removal treatments in the last 15 years – that’s more than any other clinic in the state of Texas! Crazy right? So I knew I was in good hands.

Karen walked me back to the room and she filled me in on the whole process and assured me I had nothing to worry about. I clutched my hands tightly, put on the glasses (to protect your eyes from the laser) and tightly closed my eyes to brace myself. She even laughed and warned me it could hurt and that some are more sensitive than others but that I would be fine. Her friendly demeanor put me a little at ease… meaning I held my hands a little less tight.

I decided to start with having my sideburns and upper lip hair removed. Two things I’ve always been self conscious about. I have unruly, long sideburns that I’ve been waxing or shaving for years – so this was something I was excited to be permanently removing. And the upper lip, well, that was necessary. As I clenched and waited for the pain to hit, I was shocked by a cold jolt of air and that was it! A few hits of a cold spritz and I was done! No burning, or the “rubber band pinch” as everyone describes it – just a simple jolt of cold air. It was more shocking than pain. After that, I knew I was ready for more.

Thankfully Karen was incredibly informative, warm and caring. She talked to me the whole time so that I didn’t even have a moment to freak out. And in the end, it really wasn’t anything. I don’t know why I put it off for so long!

It’s been about 2 1/2 weeks now and I don’t have any hair regrowth above my lip, and there are only a few hairs growing in from my sideburns, but they are hardly even there. There are several treatments necessary as the hair grows in three stages so one time is not going to kill the entire follicle – there is a 6 week period between each treatment to ensure a successful process. But it did already make a tremendous difference from just one visit!

highly recommend Skintastic for their professionalism, customer service and expertise on treatments. You can speak with them directly for information on pricing – they are willing to work with you to find the right treatment package with pricing that works for you. You can also find out more about their Skincentives Beauty Membership here. Or call 972-620-3223 to book your appointment today!

Stay tuned for an update on my experience and for more reviews, coming soon!

Thanks for reading!

Services were provided by Skintastic for the purpose of this review – all thoughts and opinions are my own based on my personal experience.